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Synonyms for absoluteness

the quality of being complete or utter or extreme

the quality of being absolute

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The absoluteness of the political power, which is often realized by "a reign of terror", eradicates "nonpolitical communal bonds" (Arendt 1958, 322).
The Turing test itself fails the reasonableness principle, and its implementations to date in various competitions have failed the absoluteness, occasionality, flexibility, and transparency principles, a clean sweep of inappropriateness for an AI inducement prize contest.
Cecilia stood in his presence with no trepidation and an absoluteness in her Christian belief, attitudes that insulted his authority, scorned his power, and infuriated him until he condemned her to die in a scalding bath.
We reiterate the said right is a right of great value and with the passage of time and growth of culture it has to pave the path of ascendancy, but it cannot be put in the compartment of absoluteness," the Bench added.
If not, are you simply basing the absoluteness of your feelings on your interminable Skype conversations?
Perhaps the sea-strain on my father's and my mother's side strengdiened this absoluteness of duty to God.
basic ecological principles), with this presentation of vicarious "truths" adding to the impressions of objectivity, absoluteness, and value-freedom.
Others have countered that absoluteness is an unrealistic standard, and that inhumane suffering and costs are relevant factors to ponder.
We were attacked on the absoluteness of certainty of Keivan's will to father children after death.
Paul's words in 1 Corinthians are an unfortunate invitation to look for some sort of absoluteness or purity in our lives that doesn't exist.
But the case of a 22-year-old El Salvadorian woman, identified in the media only as Beatriz, makes the absoluteness of that view very difficult to defend.
His paper "Phenomenological Challenges of Transmodernity: From Absoluteness to Metamorphosis" was about current events in the world triggering significant phenomenological challenges.
If one fully realizes the particularity of one's religion, one has already gone beyond this religion--one can no longer remain within that religious totality with an uncritical sense of absoluteness.
Dignity has an absoluteness that makes it an ill-fitting partner for the instrumentality of utilitarian calculation.
US BACK OUR SUN, Kentridge spoke of rebellions against colonization as a resistance to the European clock, whose absoluteness was itself undermined by Einstein's discovery of time's relativity.