absolute zero

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(cryogenics) the lowest temperature theoretically attainable (at which the kinetic energy of atoms and molecules is minimal)

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I have used the Absolute Zero to sight-in an AR, a 10/22, and a bolt-action rifle, and the device worked exactly as advertised.
At those hyper-cold temperatures, just a fraction of a degree over absolute zero, the atoms will transform into a state of matter called Bose-Einstein condensate, which does not follow the rules of usual physics, obeying quantum laws instead.
On display will be a selection of recent work including drawings, paper and fabric cutouts, and raw pigment colour paintings such as the large-scale title piece Absolute Zero," the artist said.
Beyond quantum computing, laser cooling molecules has potential applications in chemistry, where near absolute zero temperatures could induce currently inaccessible reactions via a quantum mechanical process known as "quantum tunneling.
That kind of slowing lowers the temperature of the atoms to about a billionth of a degree above absolute zero, which is about 470 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.
We are not suggesting a zero limit because there will be cases where an individual would register slightly above zero, even when they had not been drinking and doubt whether an absolute zero would be enforceable and acceptable to the public.
Scientists have cooled specimens to less than 1 degree Kelvin of the absolute zero point temperature.
The key to the more compact system is a niobium chip that becomes a superconductor when chilled to nearly absolute zero.
We were taught that God built the material world from a kind of absolute zero.
Scientists typically have produced new states of matter at ultra-cold temperatures, those around absolute zero (-497.
When it comes to racism there should be absolute zero tolerance.
A founder of thermodynamics--the study of the relationship between heat and work--he gave this fundamental science its name and established the existence of an absolute zero of temperature.
The company has an inventory in excess of two billion components and offers its ABZED[TM] ABsolute ZEro Defect guarantee.
That's only one half of one billionth of a degree above absolute zero.
Asymptote and Finnish painter and video artist Osmo Rauhala built the snow structure Absolute Zero in Kemi.