absolute viscosity

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a measure of the resistance to flow of a fluid under an applied force

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The values of absolute viscosity of the vegetable oils under study are given in Table 8.
Kinematic viscosity (v) was obtained from the conceptual relationship shown in Equation 3 and absolute viscosity was obtained from the polynomial empirical correlation in Table 2 for B-100.
They offer absolute viscosity determinations with precise shear rate and shear stress information readily available.
Their other key advantage is that they can automatically calculate Bagley or other corrections, which translates into a truer measure of absolute viscosity. This is accomplished by using dies of the same diameter but different lengths, resulting in different shear stresses at the same shear rate.
The absolute viscosity for dialdehyde (MBC) was obtained within 0.1899-0.436 mNS/m2.
where [upsilon] is absolute viscosity, [a.sub.1] and [a.sub.2] are constants, t is time from the initial mixing of the monomer and catalyst, [b.sub.1] and [b.sub.2] are an experimentally determined viscosity exponents, and [t.sub.t] is an experimentally determined transition time.