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a real number regardless of its sign

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On an annual basis, and compared to 2015, the index registered an average increase of 4% (absolute value: 95.2).
The constants change the range." The teacher asked a follow-up question: "Why does the graph move up or down when we add a constant to the equation of the parent function?" Another student explained "if we add a constant, it changes the y values; but if we add the constant to the inside of the absolute value, then we change the x values".
To find the equations of the line segments that make up the graphs, one can "go algebraic" and fall back on the algebraic definition of absolute value:
In terms of the notations in Theorem 5, it is sufficient for the absolute value of the function f to be bounded by the absolute value of the Chebyshev function [C.sub.[sigma]](z) only at a discrete set of points.
However, to avoid ambiguity with analytical expression of their absolute values as well as with sorting of their values, we have to restrict the derivation only for their positive values.
Unfortunately, the disappearance of that 'unquestioning faith in the future and the absolute value of our civilization' which was characteristic of the 20's in Europe and England does not apply in general to Canada and America.
Results examining the absolute value of unexpected earnings (measured using a seasonal random walk [SRW] model and, separately, using analysts' forecasts) show a decline in the SRW measure and no pattern in the analyst measure.
Both the uncertainty in and the absolute value of the survival ratio can vary widely from company to company due to the leveraged effect of claim payments and differences in underlying exposures and practices.
He ignored the minus signs, thereby taking the absolute value of the terms.
The relationship between the absolute value of a price change ([absolute value of [Delta]P]) and volume (V) in the stock market has been much studied.
The message of Pope John Paul's Evangelium Vitae (Gospel of Life) is that human life is always and everywhere sacred - an absolute value which democracies ignore at the peril of totalitarianism should they permit abortion, euthanasia, and the use of new reproductive technologies.
Suppose that (a) the absolute value of the Riemannian sectional curvatures of the [M.sub.k] at all times A [less than] t [less than] [Omega] are uniformly bounded above by a constant B [less than] [infinity] independent of k, and (b) the injectivity radii of the [M.sub.k] at the origin [Q.sub.k] at time t = 0 are uniformly bounded below by a constant [Delta] [greater than] 0.
Textile machinery orders for the third quarter of 2012 grew 8% compared to the previous quarter, for an absolute value of 108.2 points (2005=100).
The "size" of the complex number is measured by its modulus or absolute value,
It is worth pointing out that the y-intercept equals b = log K, where K is the absolute value of the error constant.