absolute threshold

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the lowest level of stimulation that a person can detect

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In this paper, the MI matrix was converted into an undirected binary graph by applying three network filtering schemes: absolute threshold T, mean degree K, and OMST method.
Huynen and Martens (2015) assumed a reduction in the slope of the ERF by 10% and combined this with absolute threshold shifts.
Following this, a baseline absolute threshold measure of scotopic sensitivity is determined.
Under the base set of assumptions in Scenario 1, the overall error rate was 11.9 percent using the relative threshold, and was 14.2 percent using the absolute threshold. The error attributable to missing data was 1.3 percentage points for relative profiling and 2.3 percentage points for absolute profiling.
Online co-regularization Gradient ADA algorithms ascent [S.sub.t] = {t} Error rates (%) No sparse 12.15 8.95 approximation Absolute threshold 10.80 9.65 ([epsilon] = 0.05) k-MC (k = 400) 13.30 9.85 Online co-regularization ADA ADA ADA algorithms [S.sub.t] = [t] Buffer-M Buffer-L Error rates (%) No sparse 3.95 4.25 4.05 approximation Absolute threshold 3.95 4.05 4.05 ([epsilon] = 0.05) k-MC (k = 400) 3.95 700 5.35 TABLE 3: Mean test error rates on the web page data set.
The absolute threshold reflected the number of stimuli that had preceded the first "different" response.
DGP produced with various absolute threshold glare source identifiers consistently produced higher [sub.adj][r.sup.2] values than the equivalent DGI tests.
Aggregated absolute threshold schemes suggest that a food satisfies some minimum standard of overall nutritional value, such that it contributes to a healthy diet.
'There's an absolute threshold requirement for 3PL ability to keep the customer informed of all handoffs on inventory,' he says.
In studies of gustation, masking has mainly been explored using detection tasks: a masking effect often occurs when the presence of an additional taste interferes with the detection or perception of a target stimulus presented near the lower absolute threshold. Impaired detection of a particular stimulus in a mixture is termed subtractive or inhibitory detection by J.
Provided that the absolute threshold is low compared with that of the noise level, Equation 6 indicates that masked (squared) CDT is proportional to the power of effective noise transmitted by the filter involved in detection (as required by the third assumption above).
The single-institution study was not sufficiently powered to determine an absolute threshold for increased cesarean risk, which investigators hypothesized "may be as high as 50 or even 55," said Dr.