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temperature measured on the absolute scale

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0], is the absolute temperature of the polymer melt as it crosses the center of the lens, and dT/dt is the temperature derivative as a function of time.
During the evaluation period for flower appearance in non-vernalized seedlings, minimum and maximum absolute temperatures in the greenhouse were -2 and 44[degrees]C at 195 (July 14, 2010) and 219 (August 18, 2010) Julian Days, respectively.
that enables one to evaluate the mean time to failure (MTTF) [tau] from the known applied stress [delta] (not necessarily mechanical); the absolute temperature T, the time constant [[tau].
Also while this appears to offer a good solution, it does not address BIST functionality, which requires at least two stable temperature sensors, at least one of which must measure absolute temperature rather than temperature difference.
Absolute temperatures of poor stations may be higher and less accurate, but the overall global warming trend is the same, and the Berkeley Earth analysis concludes that there is not any undue bias from including poor stations in the survey.
Beginning with Thomson's attempts to define and then measure absolute temperatures and an outline of the difficulties of operationalism, lead to a proposed modified, two step process, the development of a concrete image from the abstract system, then the matching of that image to concrete entities and operations.