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temperature measured on the absolute scale

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where [T.sub.0], is the absolute temperature of the polymer melt as it crosses the center of the lens, and dT/dt is the temperature derivative as a function of time.
Sixty-one percent of variability of migraine prevalence between Spanish regions might be explained by interregional differences in percentage of daily smokers, percentage of alcohol consumers in a set period of time, percentage of population presenting physical and/or psychological life-limiting conditions, percentage of population engaging in physical exercise, minimum absolute temperatures per year, number of days under 0[degrees]C per year, and altitude.
Let FOATs characterized by their absolute temperatures [T.sub.1], [T.sub.2] and [T.sub.3] and applied stresses [[delta].sub.1], [[delta].sub.2] and [[delta].sub.3] be run until failures, and the respective measured times-to-failure (TTF) be [t.sub.1], [t.sub.2] and [t.sub.3], respectively.
In this paper we have demonstrated a method to calibrate microhotplate temperature sensors that respond to temperature differences rather than absolute temperatures relative to an absolute microhotplate temperature sensor that is not stable over long periods of time.
oStations ranked as "poor" in a survey by Anthony Watts and his team of the most important temperature recording stations in the U.S., (known as the USHCN -- the US Historical Climatology Network), showed the same pattern of global warming as stations ranked "OK." Absolute temperatures of poor stations may be higher and less accurate, but the overall global warming trend is the same, and the Berkeley Earth analysis concludes that there is not any undue bias from including poor stations in the survey.