absolute temperature

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temperature measured on the absolute scale

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mold] are the absolute temperatures of the melt and the mold, respectively, and n is dependent on the filter and sensor characteristics (equal to 4 for a perfect "black" body and unlimited wavelength range).
where A and B are empirically determined constants; P is the vapor pressure, torr; R is ideal gas constant; [DELTA]H is the heats of vaporization, J/mol; and T is the absolute temperature, K.
The absolute temperature is taken to be equal to one.
Also while this appears to offer a good solution, it does not address BIST functionality, which requires at least two stable temperature sensors, at least one of which must measure absolute temperature rather than temperature difference.
Ti = absolute temperature of air inside shaft, [degrees]R
The energy which is radiated from some surface is proportionally to the fourth degree of absolute temperature of the same surface.
Dan Hjalmarsson, GAC's Regional Director for the Middle East says that the company is honoured to clinch the accolade in the specialised field of perishable logistics where absolute temperature integrity throughout the cold chain is critical in keeping the products safe, viable and fresh.
where M is the atomic or the molecular weight; R is the gas constant; T is the absolute temperature, [degrees]C.
To keep an accuracy of 1 [micro]m, the accuracy of the absolute temperature measurement must be better than 10 mK with a resolution of 1 mK.
Selex Communications is reportedly in the process of developing a software-defined radio that will feature a cryo-cooled, digital supercondutivity technology, analogue-to-digital Asic, developed by Hypres, that will reside in an absolute temperature circuit.
It should be noted that this is a guideline to a functional absolute temperature.
An Arrhenius model--used in accelerated life testing to establish a relationship between absolute temperature and reliability--described the pressure-temperature inactivation over the entire pressure-temperature range that was studied.
The next stage, validation, is incomplete, but the claim is that the solution lies in a "good correspondence between the abstract system and its concrete image," using the example of Thomson's third definition of absolute temperature.
The behaviour of steel structure components within a high temperature field depends not only on the absolute temperature, but also on the temperature vs time function and on the heating rate, dT/do.