absolute temperature

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temperature measured on the absolute scale

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In the temperature range of 60-100[degrees]C which we employed in this experiment, there was found to be a linear relationship between the logarithm of the depth and the reciprocal of the absolute temperature.
Figure 7 shows the ratio of the yield stress to absolute temperature versus the logarithm of [Mathematical Expression Omitted] at different temperatures, for a 0.
Moreover, it is assumed that the relationship between the viscosity and the absolute temperature is given by an Arrhenius equation:
0] the atomic vibrational period, E the bond energy, e the extension ratio, d the bond strength, [Sigma] the applied stress, T the absolute temperature, k the Boltzmann constant, and [N.
If we select 50 C and ignore the importance of using the absolute temperature (Kelvin) scale we get an answer of 40 C (104 F).
Where m* is the band-edge effective mass, k is Boltzmann constant, T is the lattice absolute temperature, h is Plank constant divided by 2, Tu* Tu gives the tunneling probability density of the outgoing electron, F is Fermi energy level, l is energy of the electron associated with longitudinal wave vector of the electron in the conduction band, V is the applied voltage.
Because the heat flow that radiation causes varies with the fourth power of the body's absolute temperature, radiation analyses are highly nonlinear.
But I digress; Arrhenius also gave his name to the Arrhenius equation that describes the relationship between the rate of a chemical reaction and the absolute temperature at which it occurs.
Their proportional to absolute temperature (PTAT) variation is apparent due to the negative factor the base-emitter voltage [V.
The absolute temperature was the highest among all years in the 1880-2015 record.
PTAT] is the voltage output proportional to absolute temperature.
It is observed that the values of Ln (D) as a function of the inverse absolute temperature (1/ Ta) show similar behavior for the ranges of temperature 75 to 90[degrees]C and 105 to 120[degrees]C (Figure 2B).
Dubbed the 'Eye in the Sky' because it's usually positioned at the highest point in a room, the sensor's 64 thermopile pixels detect absolute temperature.
Thus, if the temperature difference signal is stronger than or complementary to the more established absolute temperature relationship, it may contribute valuable information on past ice conditions.
0], is the absolute temperature of the polymer melt as it crosses the center of the lens, and dT/dt is the temperature derivative as a function of time.