absolute pitch

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the ability to identify the pitch of a tone

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"Robert Blaha and Bruce Thompson have conducted a magnum opus with Absolute Pitch! It's a must-read for any leader striving to get their organizations on the same sheet of music to achieve the highest results.
These authors found that the absolute pitch identification accuracy of so-called possessors of absolute pitch could be incrementally shifted downward through the imperceptible detuning of a piece of music being evaluated by key and pitch of notes.
Howard Nusbaum, professor of psychology, and colleagues tested how much an individual's general auditory working memory capacity can predict the success of acquiring absolute pitch. This study follows up from the group's previously published work, which shows that people with absolute pitch can be "retuned" in about 45 minutes of listening, demonstrating that absolute pitch is not so absolute.
About one out of 10,000 people has absolute pitch, which means they can accurately identify a note by hearing it.
In any case, all of this remains pure conjecture and it (of course) behoves us to remember that in this context it is not the absolute pitch that matters: simply the overall natural and evocative effect of a tautly-structured musical miniature, and the dramatic role it plays in the context of Britten's cycle.
According to scientific evidence, no one has ever developed a convincing capability of absolute pitch recognition as an adult (Takeuchi & Hulse, 1993).
San Francisco Bay Area-based artist Van Hoesen (1926-2010) dazzles with the absolute pitch of sweet, precise lines representing extraordinary observation, and her work is represented in numerous museums nationally and internationally.
"I was able to tailor my dissertation around my career ambitions and research absolute pitch in visually impaired children.
Individuals with absolute pitch, also known as perfect pitch, can hear a note or chord and correctly identify the pitch or pitches being played.
Annabelle, 23, is a freelance harpist in New York who just finished a run at the Goodspeed Opera House playing in the orchestra for the production of "Carnival." Jack, 20, has absolute pitch as a vocalist, plays viola, and is a sophomore at Southern Connecticut State University.
For example, there are people who are gifted at perceiving music, such as those with absolute pitch, but who are indifferent to its emotional effects.
The ASUS Absolute Pitch Series features three audio technologies for different forms of aural enjoyment.
Among the responders, 981 people, ages 8 to 70, had scores high enough to indicate that they had absolute pitch, the scientists report in the Sept.
The second advantage of Fixed Do is that it encourages a sense of absolute pitch. When one says the syllable Do, a C is heard, unless it is sharp or flat.
No, I mean absolute pitch dark, not a speck of light, even when you've had a while for your eyes to become accustomed to it.