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(astronomy) the magnitude that a star would have if it were viewed from a distance of 10 parsecs (32

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The comet's brightness at the discovery return may have been due to a fragmentation event, as the absolute magnitude of the asteroid is very much fainter.
By knowing the distance and apparent magnitudes at different wavelengths, one can compute absolute magnitudes and the total light output of these objects.
40 kiloparsecs [1] and so the absolute magnitudes for this object are selected as B = -1.
The absolute magnitudes of warp deformation were an order of magnitude lower and of opposite polarity (concave down) relative to the CuMoCu structures, and were in 10 percent agreement with profilmetric measurements.
3] changed only a factor of 2 for the base-flange thickness and assembly braze material/process temperature changes, the absolute magnitudes of [P.
Discovered on September 18, 2006, the explosion peaked at a staggering absolute magnitude of -22, roughly a hundred times more luminous than a typical core-collapse supernova (S&T: April 2007, page 14).
Discovered by the Supernova Cosmology Project on February 21, 2006, it attained higher luminosity than SN 2006gy's peak absolute magnitude of -22.
In terms of intrinsic brightness M9 is somewhat above average, with an absolute magnitude of -8.
Several other stars in Canis Major shine at only moderate naked-eye brightness yet have absolute magnitudes around -7, putting out some 50,000 times the light of the Sun from several thousand light-years away.
It has particular relevance to the determination of asteroid magnitudes, and hence absolute magnitudes, where the choice of comparison stars varies from night to night as the asteroid tracks across the sky, and the proximity to stars having well-defined magnitudes, e.
The brightest ones on record (those of 1402 and 1882) had absolute magnitudes on the order of 0.
Knowing absolute magnitudes makes plain how vastly diverse are the objects that we lump together under the word "star.
The absolute magnitudes of the various spectral types are based on calculations by Robert F.
Combined with new determinations of the absolute magnitudes of RR Lyraes, the result gives a new and independent distance for M31, one of the crucial rungs of the "cosmic distance ladder.
As a check on the formula's validity, I found an excellent reference source for diameters, absolute magnitudes, and albedos.