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(astronomy) the magnitude that a star would have if it were viewed from a distance of 10 parsecs (32

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Currently, we've found about 8,100 objects with an H of 22 or brighter, which corresponds to scientists' best estimate of the absolute magnitude of objects 140 m and larger.
These can then be combined together to find the absolute magnitude of the gradient at each point and the orientation of that gradient:
starrynight.com), showing the relation between star colours, absolute magnitude, luminosity and temperature.
The absolute magnitude of effects of all process input variables are close to each other and have the same trend, that is, increasing the ash content, heat treatment temperature, or pressing pressure tends to barely decrease the chemical absorption.
Initial errors having the same absolute magnitude are imposed at the longest wavelength (28,300 km) in experiment B.
The first step in the search is to exclude NEOs with diameter more than 20 m, which corresponds to an absolute magnitude H less than 26.5.
Periodic comet 2P/ Encke was on its 62nd observed return, showed its usual diffuse coma and narrow ion tail and had a similar faint absolute magnitude to that seen over the last half-century.
and from which the absolute magnitude of the comet [H.sub.0] = 5.6 ([DELTA] = R = 1au), and the slope factor n = 15/2.5 = 6.
The distance modulus [mu] = m - M is the difference between the apparent magnitude m and the absolute magnitude M.
The investigations were particularly designed to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate whether or not they had a 'sense of the relative and absolute magnitude of numbers' and a 'system of benchmarks' with which they could operate to make reasonable estimates.
However, several alternative analyses to test the robustness of the findings supported those of the primary analysis, the investigators explained, concluding that "the absolute magnitude of any increased risk would be low."
However, sev eral alternative analyses to test the ro bustness of the findings supported those of the primary analysis, the in vestigators explained, concluding that "the absolute magnitude of any in creased risk would be low.
"The difference between China, more than anything else right now, is the absolute magnitude of the growth potential given the size of the economy in its trajectory of development," said Frits Van Paasschen, Starwood's president and CEO.
"This flyby will be the closest by any near-Earth asteroid with an absolute magnitude this bright since 1976 and until 2028," said Lance Benner, a research scientist at JPL and a specialist on radar imaging of near-Earth objects.
According to the magnet hypothesis, the imposition of limits should bring an increase in the absolute magnitude of [[phi].sub.0].