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Synonyms for humidity

Synonyms for humidity

wetness in the atmosphere


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Dengue incidence over the next 4-5 weeks was positively associated with high levels of absolute humidity over the last month and negatively associated with high humidity 15-20 weeks previously.
The term absolute humidity is less common: it describes the actual amount of water vapour in the air in g/[m.
Toyota said it's working with Takata to pinpoint the cause of the rupture and to gauge the influence of high absolute humidity, which is a measurement of water vapor in the air.
Other features include five-speed reversing fans for precision finish on foods and Absolute Humidity Control giving the operator full control over the oven humidity during cooking.
Dry" and "wet" conditions at constant absolute humidity
We used the observed temperature and relative humidity data to estimate absolute humidity (g/[m.
For example, although low temperatures and decreased relative humidity favor transmission of influenza virus in animal models (Lowen, Mubareka, Steel, & Palese, 2007), absolute humidity is more strongly associated with influenza transmission and survival (Shaman & Kohn, 2009).
4[degrees]F), RH was 50% RH, and absolute humidity was 12 g/kg(DA) (84 gr/lb); the bag was covered with an aluminium foil.
The consistency of the drying system is based on the reduction of the moisture from the product and of the temperature of the used air, and on the increase of the absolute humidity of that air and of the temperature of the product, never allowing values of the relative air humidity to be greater than 100%.
The main factors, the researchers said, were the lower altitude and the comparatively high absolute humidity, which amplifies the health impacts during a heatwave.
Absolute humidity quantifies the actual amount of water in the air, irrespective of temperature.
7/8 inches diameter Maximum duration of use 14 days (manufacturer's listing): Flowrate (at 100% body minimum 6 L/min maximum 50 L/min humidity): ("V"); 40 L/min; ("G") Absolute humidity range: 33-44 mg/L @ 37[degrees]C Tempurature range: 33[degrees]C-41[degrees]C Start up (to 37[degrees]C) -cold: 5 min (including priming of tubing) -warm: < 2 min Water supply: sterile, distilled water (bag) Alarm suspend times 1, 2, 10, 15 min (with auto resumption): Controller Unit Characteristics Dimensions: 12.
f] normalized moisture content [dimensionless] Y absolute humidity of air [kg [H.
It provides simultaneous display of relative humidity, temperature, dew point, and absolute humidity at a glance.
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