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Synonyms for humidity

Synonyms for humidity

wetness in the atmosphere


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The term absolute humidity is less common: it describes the actual amount of water vapour in the air in g/[m.
But the penchant of some car makers to blame absolute humidity as the causative factor has angered two U.
They first examined influenza in New York, Washington, Illinois, Arizona and Florida, and discovered that the absolute humidity conditions in those states all produced model-simulated seasonal outbreaks of influenza that correlated well with the observed seasonal cycle of influenza within each state.
Correction of the problem raised the absolute humidity quickly.
The seasonal absolute humidity profile is shown in Figure 1.
Relative humidity in air and on the surfaces [water activity: amount of water available for microorganisms on the sampling surface (16)] was calculated based on measured dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperature, and absolute humidity (grams per kilogram) was estimated using a psychrometric chart.
While relative humidity remained fairly constant, absolute humidity (the actual measure of existent water grains per pound of air) varied widely, from a low of 74 grains in January to a high of 132 grains in July [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 4 OMITTED], during which the moisture in the blast air exceeds 1200 gal/day.
The outer air streams differ considerably from one another in terms of temperature and absolute humidity (air streams A and C in diagram).
By simultaneously measuring the ambient temperature humidity parameters, relative humidity, absolute humidity, volume and mass ratios are calculated by the OptiSonde with high precision.
The new initiative targets vehicles in consistently high absolute humidity areas, including southern Florida, along the Gulf Coast, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, U.
Absolute humidity is a measurement of water vapor in the air, while relative humidity measures air moisture content relative to the air temperature.
4, Absolute humidity is -- associated with influenza
For the summer case, a constant absolute humidity inside the zone is assumed.
Shaman used the team's research data and substituted absolute humidity for relative humidity in analysing potential correlations with flu transmission.