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an eye disease that damages the optic nerve and impairs vision (sometimes progressing to blindness)

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A case series of 5 patients of absolute glaucoma who were successfully treated with retrobulbar alcohol injection is reported.
The etiology of ocular pain can be multifactorial but the most common reason leading to a painful blind eye is absolute glaucoma.4 Other causes include trauma, neoplasia, infections and inflammations.5 The pain may originate from the cornea; conjunctiva, sclera, iris or ciliary body.
The aim of this case series was to determine the role of retrobulbar absolute alcohol injection in the management of severe and refractory ocular pain in patients of absolute glaucoma.
Cok et al conducted a similar study in which they observed the effect of retrobulbar alcohol injection on 4 patients of absolute glaucoma.9 They reported a period of pain relief lasting up to1year; which closely matches the results of our study.
Eight out of 10 patients who were included in the study were suffering from absolute glaucoma.11 They observed a mean pain free period of 15 months after the injection.