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the number of observations in a given statistical category

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Absolute Frequency (FAi): FAi = (pi/P) x 100, where pi = number of points where the species is present; and P = total number of sampling points.
8 Formally AmE impolite acts with a polite purpose Absolute frequency Relative frequency Chi-square test n= 5,712 utterances (x 1,000 utterances) +D/+A 2 0.
Figure 8 shows the absolute frequency of the groups of probable causes in each area of coating: walls or ceilings.
To obtain the absolute frequency of level II, it was considered samples of 10 mx 100 m, divided into square plots 10m of side.
Since the situation for realization of the SI-metre has changed because of the introduction of new techniques for absolute frequency measurements (5), (6), it was decided at the 11th meeting of the Consultative Committee for Length (CCL, 2003) at the BIPM to close the K10 comparison and to initiate a new key comparison (BIPM.
The absolute frequency of the following reproductive events was recorded at each transect as follows: a) copulation: penis into the female canal, b) spawning: females laying egg mass, c) aggregation: conch group (more than five individuals) and d) egg masses: solitary egg masses (Perez-Perez & Aldana-Aranda 2003 with modifications).
Additionally, the absolute frequency bandwidths with negative permittivity are greatly enhanced.
Absolute and relative frequency: Coronopus didymus was found to be the most frequently occurring species in the area with absolute frequency (AF) of 40% and relative frequency (RF) of 3.
In addition to these parameters phytosociological factors were also calculated: relative density (DR), absolute frequency (FA), relative frequency (FR), relative dominance (DoR), importance value index (IVI) and relative importance (RI).
We later calculated the percentage of correct interpretations of the gesture relative to the absolute frequency of gesture production.
Parthenium was found to be the most frequently occurring species in the area with absolute frequency (AF) of 60% and relative frequency (RF) of 4.
s], the digital frequency is just the remainder of the absolute frequency modulo [f.
After analyzing the information obtained was then carried tabular data by presenting them in descending order of number of complaints registered for each category and calculate the absolute frequency, absolute accumulated frequency, unitary relative frequency and respectively, relative accumulated frequency (table 2) (Dobrin, 2006; Juran and Godfrey, 2004)