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the number of observations in a given statistical category

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Absolute Frequency (FAi): FAi = (pi/P) x 100, where pi = number of points where the species is present; and P = total number of sampling points.
Formally PenSp impolite acts with a polite purpose Absolute Relative frequency frequency (x 1,000 utterances) n= 4,263 utterances +D/+A 19 4.4 +D/-A -- -- -D/+A 40 9.3 -D/-A -- -- Total 59 13.8 Formally AmE impolite acts with a polite purpose Absolute frequency Relative frequency Chi-square test n= 5,712 utterances (x 1,000 utterances) +D/+A 2 0.3 13.908 (.000)* +D/-A -- -- -- -D/+A 11 2.1 16.922 (.000)* -D/-A -- -- -- Total 13 2.2 30.486 (.000)* Table 1.
where [f.sub.0] is absolute frequency of rising for 0 and [f.sub.1] is absolute frequency for the apparition of.
While on the other, a quantitative analysis is conducted using the computer program Textworks 1.0 which enables the absolute frequency of occurrence of each interactional metadiscourse marker to be determined.
Items Behavior HM FBM MHL LM Presence of calves Absolute frequency 264 164 149 148 Relative frequency 75 80 60 52 (%) Absence of calves Absolute frequency 90 41 98 139 Relative frequency 25 20 40 48 (%) [chi square] 76.23 52.30 23.57 15.25 Probability 0.00000 0.00000 0.00000 0.00942 HM = head movement; FBM = forward or backward movement; MHL = movement of hind legs; LM = lack of any movement.
For the actual data and the simulation data, we make the empirical research for the absolute frequency and the relative frequency.
To obtain the absolute frequency of level I, it was considered five plots of 2m x 10m as a sample.
The frequency is about 7 kHz higher than the previous value which is a consequence of absolute frequency measurements performed with optical combs.
The absolute frequency of the following reproductive events was recorded at each transect as follows: a) copulation: penis into the female canal, b) spawning: females laying egg mass, c) aggregation: conch group (more than five individuals) and d) egg masses: solitary egg masses (Perez-Perez & Aldana-Aranda 2003 with modifications).
Additionally, the absolute frequency bandwidths with negative permittivity are greatly enhanced.
Absolute and relative density: The most densely populated weed in the area was Parthenium Absolute frequency Absolute density RD = Relative density.