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Synonyms for delay

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Synonyms for delay

to cause to be later or slower than expected or desired

to go or move slowly so that progress is hindered

the act of putting off or the condition of being put off

the condition or fact of being made late or slow

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Synonyms for delay

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For modelling delays using LE theory initially, all the delays are expressed in terms of a basic delay unit [tau] which is process dependent such that the absolute delay is represented as the product of a unit less delay of the gate as shown in (2), and the delay unit [tau].
The elapsed time during QP1 had a significant effect on the absolute delayed mortality of the insects in wheat at 12% MC (p = 0.018), but it had statistically insignificant effect in wheat at the MCs of 15% (p = 0.146) and 18% (p = 0.462).
Absolutely quirky Like the character with which he shares his name, Jack Absolute delayed revealing his true worth and on his 36th run scored his greatest victory when landing the EUR17,000 2m2f handicap chase.
These may be afterwards transformed into absolute delays if at least one absolute value is known.
In Experiment 2 we replicated the unsignaled condition from Experiment 1 and included an additional unsignaled condition in which we increased the absolute delays four-fold to 20 s and 60 s.