absolute ceiling

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the maximum altitude at which an airplane can maintain horizontal flight

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The chart reproduced as Figure 2 on page 13 highlights an airplane's service ceiling and absolute ceiling. Service ceiling, of course, is the density altitude at which the airplane's rate of climb deteriorates to no more than 100 fpm.
Zhou said there is not an absolute ceiling for the level of banks'
The Boards of Maharatna CPSEs will have powers to make equity investment to establish financial joint ventures and wholly owned subsidiaries in India or abroad and undertake mergers and acquisitions, in India or abroad, subject to a ceiling of 15 percent of the net worth of the concerned CPSE in one project, limited to an absolute ceiling of Rs.5,000 crore (Rs.1000 crore for Navratna CPSEs).
PRIS is funded by owners through a 13 per cent surcharge on riding fees, which was introduced several years ago by the Racehorse Owners' Association as an absolute ceiling.
Canada's decision to use an intensity-based system and withhold an absolute ceiling for greenhouse gas emissions may seem like an unnecessary capitulation to industry in the face of the EU's tougher stance, but there are other factors at play.