absolute alcohol

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pure ethyl alcohol (containing no more than 1% water)

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01 mole) was dissolved in a mixture of xylene (70 ml) and absolute alcohol (10 ml).
In some cases, sodium tetradecanal sulfate (3%) was used instead of absolute alcohol because there are anecdotal reports of toxicity, especially to the lungs, with ethanol, Dr.
1998), the authors suggested that there exists an important quantity of surface vanilin that can be recovered by washing agar beds with absolute alcohol since vanilin is soluble in absolute alcohol.
3% concentration in absolute alcohol and diluted using the same solvent for subsequent experiments.
Fixing leaf sample in absolute alcohol, grinding in liquid nitrogen and higher concentration of PVP (MW 40,000) i.
He was diagnosed as having a haemangioma of the eleventh dorsal vertebra and scheduled for CT guided percutaneous injection of absolute alcohol under MAC.
Each of these contains roughly 14 grams (about one-half ounce) of absolute alcohol.