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Synonyms for absinthe

aromatic herb of temperate Eurasia and North Africa having a bitter taste used in making the liqueur absinthe

strong green liqueur flavored with wormwood and anise

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in 2007, absinthe is finding a second life in American cocktail bars, including in Sarasota, where you can find it at Pangea Alchemy Lab.
The fresh pineapple perfectly balances the tangy aniseed of the absinthe.
The drink Cucumber combines two dashes of saline with cucumber-infused absinthe, lime juice, cane syrup and muddled baby cucumber wheels.
Second release for the month is Absinthe Eternal, third novel in the Absinthe Trilogy.
Yann Vasnier, the collection's master perfumer, was inspired by the house in the English countryside, which still exists today and is open to the public-the lily pond in the garden, the sweet aroma of hyacinth, the musky scent of leather-bound tomes, whisky and absinthe afternoons, waxed floors and paint-smudged hands, the sweet spice of tobacco.
Breckinridge, the Buck and Breck cocktail was once lost to history, until author and mixologist David Wondrich brought it back to life for his 2007 book, "Imbibe" The drink contains brandy, absinthe, aromatic bitters and champagne (basically a Sazerac Royale).
Game Over at Le Truc Ingredients: Wray and Nephew 63% White Rum, Fresh Lime, Mountain Dew Syrup, Absinthe Price: PS7.50 Le Truc have a fantastic cocktail menu with some drinks inspired by French culture and food.
Salt Lake City -- The newly launched UNDER CURRENT CLUB recently held an absinthe tasting featuring five absinthes and absinthe cocktails as well as plates of oysters to act as a pairing for guests.
Sipping champagne to celebrate my birthday, I noticed that good old Henri invented a celebratory cocktail called "Tremblement de Terre," or "Earthquake," a potent mixture of generous amounts of absinthe and cognac.
LORRAINE Kelly has told how she gave one of the biggest speeches of her life - while wrecked on absinthe.
A young man from Ashburton, New Zealand was hospitalised after downing a bottle of absinthe when he took part in the trending chain-mail game.
another French classic, Pernod Absinthe. It has been relaunched by Pernod to the original recipe.
Henri's narrative primarily consists of a series of barroom monologues on the nature of absinthe and the world; he measures monetary value in terms of absinthe-purchasing power and declares: "I never mix absinthe with reality so as not to worsen the quality of the absinthe." A pervasive slapstick sensibility runs throughout these stories, from the short-statured Mr.
It's the green-hued fuel that has fired flights of poetic fancy since the 1800s, but now the European Union is examining whether to change how absinthe is defined.
* Cupcake Toothpaste, pounds 5.99, www.firebox.com 2 YOU OLD SOAK I know you've always wondered what it would be like to fill your bathtub with absinthe and have a long, lingering dip - you're just the same as the next man.