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Synonyms for absinth

strong green liqueur flavored with wormwood and anise

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Campaigners last night urged the Government to rush through a ban on 140 per cent proof Absinth which has hallucinogenic effects and led artist Vincent van Gogh to cut off his ear.
Lee Lixenberg, of Alcohol Concern, said selling Absinth on the Internet was a "worrying development.
Reports suggest that Absinth can knock people for six in the way other drinks can't.
FAIRY LIQUID bosses have threatened a bar with legal action for copying their famous washing- up label to sell controversial drink absinth.
Absinth is a green, super-strong spirit banned in most European countries.
But despite its reputation, absinth is coming to a bar near you.
Absinth is made by soaking wormwood in alcohol and it contains thujone, which has a similar structure to the active component in marijuana.