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strong green liqueur flavored with wormwood and anise

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Lee Lixenberg, of Alcohol Concern, said selling Absinth on the Internet was a "worrying development." He added: "There are large numbers of children tuned into the Internet and there is nothing to stop them getting hold of their parent's chequebook or credit cards to pay for it.
Absinth is a green, super-strong spirit banned in most European countries.
But despite its reputation, absinth is coming to a bar near you.
Quality absinthe must contain wormwood, which delivers the drinks signature bitterness, says Brad Coburn, a co-owner at Pangea, who serves 13 different absinthes and uses the liquor in cocktails.
Salt Lake City -- The newly launched UNDER CURRENT CLUB recently held an absinthe tasting featuring five absinthes and absinthe cocktails as well as plates of oysters to act as a pairing for guests.
Besides Pernod, there are now several other absinthes on the market, and with proof levels ranging from about 100 to nearly 130, retailers and consumers should be aware of the techniques to use in making various cocktails using this highly potent spirit.
The fee will be $15 to try absinthe three different ways - and anyone who was at the museum tasting will tell you three absinthes should be quite enough.
Most absinthes offer 70 to 80 percent alcohol, and its name swirls through the excesses of the bohemian art world during the late 1800s - associating with names like van Gogh, Wilde, Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Poe.
It turns out that most retailers are putting absinthes on the cordials shelf, regardless of their proof level.
Most absinthes are distilled, the Czech or Bohemian varieties being a major exception.