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Synonyms for absinth

strong green liqueur flavored with wormwood and anise

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First the coughing started, while my pulse raced like a motorbike - yes, absinth definitely makes the heart go Honda.
Absinth looks like Swarfega - you know, that stuff for cleaning oil off your hands - mixed with paintstripper.
Absinth is typically green from the natural herbs from which it is produced or from additives and became known by the moniker "la Fee Verte" or "Green Fairy" in English.
Old Scotch Whisky, Voodoo Tiki Tequila, Berentzen Apfel, Green Fairy Absinth, Famega Vinho Verde, Luis Felipe Edwards wines from Chile, Royal Oporto, Wines of Real Companhia Velha, Wines from Bacalhoa, Tishbi wines from Israel, Fabiano Wines from Veneto, Fazi Battaglia wines from Marche, Italy, Villa Dante Toscana, Sielo Blu from Josef Brigl, Tosti Sparkling Wines from Piedmont, Italy, Torlasco wines and much more.
Charles Massie, chairman of the Aberdeen Licensing Board, described the association between absinth and Fairy Liquid as "sick".
Absinth - made by soaking wormwood bark in alcohol - became popular in France in the last century but by 1912 doctors were so concerned they lobbied for a ban on the grounds that it was 246 times more harmful than beer.
THE AD IN High Times for King of Spirits Absinth promises "Authentic Czech Absinthe.
But now the legalization of some brands of absinth in the US has brought a new appreciation of the drink popularly referred to as the 'Green Fairy'.