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preoccupation so great that the ordinary demands on attention are ignored

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If Chicago newspaper readers have noticed an absentmindedness in their favorite daily--a bad photo caption, perhaps, or a misnumbered jump page--it may be that worker bees in the city rooms are distracted over who is in charge.
The cruise missile offers a more immediate threat, and the technology is proliferating--in part due to American absentmindedness, in part because America allows business to sell technology and provide technical expertise to nations that otherwise would only slowly develop the technology without major assistance.
For the study, teachers evaluated the attention problems by looked at behaviour such as an inability to concentrate, absentmindedness, or a tendency to give up or be easily distracted.
What else than parks can be better perks for an employee sacrificing separation from his homeland Absence of parks is triggering absentmindedness amongst children which is an escalating hindrance that is in due course affecting their academic and psychosomatic development.
MOMENTARY absentmindedness may be the result of tired parts of the brain taking a quick nap, say scientists.
Opposing such absentmindedness, Brewer argues that living well involves savoring and taking pleasure in our valuable activities with an attentive appreciation of their internal goods that renders them wholehearted and unimpeded.
And even though Agnes was acting as she always did, he felt that there was an absentmindedness about her behavior now, something was missing in her voice, and he noticed this same lack in her eyes when she looked him in the face, noticed her indifference to things that would usually have aggravated her.
People can also experience physical symptoms such as headaches and insomnia, and cognitive symptoms like absentmindedness and forgetfulness.
The absentmindedness that usually accompanies them is cauterized and vanishes as We sink into the depths of our mysterious selves where God lurks.
But our absentmindedness could be costing us dear - for the price of buying those essential items once abroad can be more than twice as much as in Britain, a survey of holiday hotspots has found.
All Our Yesterdays - jointly David Bucknall, of Rider Levett Bucknall, for general absentmindedness, and Andrew Hall, Hortons Estate.
More likely, it's absentmindedness and a reflection of different styles and standards.
Both Mafarka's deep sleep and the sailors' mistaking his penis for a rope exemplify that absentmindedness that makes the comic character perform an involuntary act (Laughter 8-10).
When you put your house-keys down on a table and then suddenly discover they're not there, you put it down to your own absentmindedness, but what if that isn't the case at all?
Muhammad Dabbas, the director of the Jordanian Society for the Prevention of Road Accidents, believes a citizen's disrespect of traffic laws can be traced back to many reasons that are related to frustration, poverty, absentmindedness and showing off.