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Synonyms for absentmindedly

in an absentminded or preoccupied manner

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After absentmindedly eating a page out of the book, Norman wakes up inside his favourite book.
ab*sent*mind*ed*ly adverb <He absentmindedly drove past his exit.
I was off to clean it when I heard a knock - there was a parcel in the greenhouse - I put on my coat and absentmindedly put the tooth in my pocket.
Richard's daughter Kate recalls: "Father was grateful but absentmindedly folded the drawing into four and stuffed it into his jacket pocket.
While strictly correct, I assume he means the European Union's health and safety laws, absentmindedly implemented by our ineffectual politicians on the advice of our Europhile bureaucrats.
She absentmindedly sings the Dexy's Midnight Runners hit Come on Eileen to the tune of O Come All Ye Faithful in one scene.
The courses are all connected by ski lifts which you can ride absentmindedly or skip completely by warping with a click of the map, but you just have to continually explore to find the next Star Point opportunities.
She absentmindedly rents her deluxe to two single individuals, Mandalay and Carter.
The pictured case was the result of me absentmindedly feeding a 9mm round into my .
0 grains of powder in the 28-gauge shell, as prescribed by the loading manual he had on hand, he absentmindedly installed a 12-gauge bushing which dropped almost 40.
As debutantes in white dresses and their escorts in black tuxedos and tails marched into the ornate ballroom, Hilton was seen on live television resting her head in her hands, absentmindedly flipping through the program and fiddling with her cell phone.
Sometimes (on "parasites," for example) he absentmindedly limits himself to early Greek evidence, overlooking its irrelevance to Rome (61-62).
Ghannadian absentmindedly forgot his wife's fortune-containing handbag on a Sausalito park bench, and the couple did not miss it until they got back to their San Francisco hotel.
We all know how easy it is to get distracted with our purchases and absentmindedly let go of the little hand that has been trying endlessly to win its freedom.
In Hawkinson's work, the human element is the artist as observer, but in Dupont's it is harder to locate, and this seems to be precisely the point: His body has become simply a shape to play with, to pull at here and there, much as one might absentmindedly pull at a lump of clay.