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Synonyms for absentmindedly

in an absentminded or preoccupied manner

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When the computer broke down, he put it away in a drawer, but this summer he absentmindedly threw out the hard drive.
Absentmindedly I thought the other chap was doing a great impression of Johnny Depp, even sounded like him
It would still be better if staff had paid attention to what they absentmindedly stack up for sale.
It has been hectic for the last few years in our household and, as I am absentmindedly pulling up what I hope are weeds, I am reminded of the poem Leisure by William Henry Davies who was from Monmouthshire and, for the moment, am enjoying the time to stand and stare.
Summary: MADINAH: Have you ever sat at a dinner table with a person who spends most of his or her time staring into a tiny screen clacking away at tiny keyboard and absentmindedly nodding every once in a while, pretending to listen to what you are saying?
With this in mind, be careful that you are not absentmindedly leading someone on recently please Gemini.
After absentmindedly eating a page out of the book, Norman wakes up inside his favourite book.
ab*sent*mind*ed*ly adverb <He absentmindedly drove past his exit.
I was off to clean it when I heard a knock - there was a parcel in the greenhouse - I put on my coat and absentmindedly put the tooth in my pocket.
Richard's daughter Kate recalls: "Father was grateful but absentmindedly folded the drawing into four and stuffed it into his jacket pocket.
While strictly correct, I assume he means the European Union's health and safety laws, absentmindedly implemented by our ineffectual politicians on the advice of our Europhile bureaucrats.
She absentmindedly sings the Dexy's Midnight Runners hit Come on Eileen to the tune of O Come All Ye Faithful in one scene.
The courses are all connected by ski lifts which you can ride absentmindedly or skip completely by warping with a click of the map, but you just have to continually explore to find the next Star Point opportunities.
She absentmindedly rents her deluxe to two single individuals, Mandalay and Carter.
The pictured case was the result of me absentmindedly feeding a 9mm round into my .