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Synonyms for absentminded

lost in thought

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The poor guy is very absentminded," said Fardanesh.
Lawyer John Loudon, representing owners Belhaven Brewers', blamed an absentminded legal assistant for forgetting to log the renewal.
The absentminded professors, the gifted writers who cannot spell, the engineers who cannot stand up and speak at meetings--these are people who are skilled in some areas but may be affected by learning disabilities that hamper their communication, memory or focus, and they constitute some 20 percent of the US population.
The seeds we found would certainly have grown fast in the recent rain, had they not been forgotten by an absentminded passenger."
I was busy and a bit absentminded when I agreed to check out the first couple of boxes of .30-06 to hit the US.
The absentminded woman driver parked high on a hillside without setting her brakes and walked away.
Beautiful 17-year-old Alicia seems to have been abducted, and there are all too many suspects, from her ex-boyfriend to her stepfather, her biological father, the derelict Driftwood Doug, and an absentminded butterfly collector.
"After all," the duo explained, "each is suffused with the soul of its architect, builders, inhabitants, and even the passersby who happened to cast an absentminded glance its way." Their project, notable for its inevitable juxtaposition of all forms of architecture and its muddling of high and low, prevailing ideologies, and historical distinctions, also acts as a helpful prologue to the recent sculptural work of Valery Koshlyakov, whose architectural investigations into the strata of cultural memory--and, at the same time, the transience of its "built" expression--seem almost to literalize Brodsky and Utkin's "paper architecture."
Public distrust of health care might rest in part at the feet of some absentminded members of that profession.
Absentminded Rhodri Morgan forgot to pack his shoes for the Labour Party's Brighton conference - but the black loafers soon turned up.
Such is the fate of oaks that a tree crowned as the "king" of its species may owe its royalty to the whims of an absentminded squirrel.
I don't think it's intentional, but there's this absentminded racism.