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Synonyms for absently

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Synonyms for absently

in an absentminded or preoccupied manner

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References in classic literature ?
I was still on the same side of the way; now mechanically walking forward a few paces; now stopping again absently. At one moment I found myself doubting the reality of my own adventure; at another I was perplexed and distressed by an uneasy sense of having done wrong, which yet left me confusedly ignorant of how I could have done right.
This was all Levin noticed, and without wondering who it could be, he gazed absently at the coach.
He listened absently to a long dun from the type-writer people, his mind busy with ways and means of finding a job.
"Have you had that, too?" she queried absently, intent on the heaven-sent justification she was finding in his arms.
"What bothers me," remarked Peter absently, "is that skull.
"What I would like to know is if Aunt Olivia is going to be married," said the Story Girl absently. "I can hardly believe it.
In one of these recent paintings, an untitled work from last year, McKenzie presents a modern morality tale: A glum-looking young woman is shown eating alone, holding her head in one hand while she absently plays with her food.
This is serious, this is work,' before he kissed her absently on her pale forehead.
``To the discipline in this house, '' she said in an icy gust that would have had a polar bear reaching for its parka, ``Yes, '' I said, absently putting a metaphorical, fully-loaded revolver to my temple, ``discipline is so important, '' I pulled the trigger, but it took a few seconds for the sound of the metaphorical gunshot to pierce my doughnut-filled daydream, ``Where's the Blu Tac?'' she asked, ``Oh, I threw it all at the cat, '' ``Tut!
To Lisa's surprise, he leaves his hand there, stroking her forearm absently with his thumb.
Sitting absently by the blacktop road, the NVA guard was relaxed, confident, careless.
hot with north-easterly winds, maximum temperature 34, yesterday's temperature, 29 degrees ...' Outside the fruit shop, in a large white bucket encrusted with black soil, cut sunflowers droop absently as crowds of entrepreneurial bees fall from the sky to settle in the thickening juices of the stamen.
Sissi's contact with men up to this point has been limited to the psych ward patients, most of whom seem attracted to her and one of whom (Lars Rudolph) she absently provides physical relief But a sexual undercurrent immediately charges her first meeting with the stranger as he shimmies on top of her to perform an emergency tracheotomy.
Mothers and children wave absently at the watching crowds as they attempt to take in their new surroundings for the first time.
He would be staring down at us absently, through eyes too full of colour, as if the irises had been stirred into the whites.