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one that is absent or not in residence

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Under this law, Palestinian refugees and the internally displaced are regarded as present absentees, designations that authorized the confiscation of their land.
He also wanted the list of the other absentee doctors and other medical staff from the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.
They show that in Coventry, 1,679 young people were categorised as persistent absentees.
A few years ago, California gave voters the option to become permanent absentees, so they'd get their ballots by mail for every election.
As Martin points out, the Massachusetts and Connecticut Assemblies constantly intervened to force absentees to either settle or sell, reserving the right to dispossess those who did neither.
District court judge Boaz Okun reinforced this decision in 2006, but the State appealed later that year, claiming all residents of the Palestinian Territories to be absentees.