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one that is absent or not in residence

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As the nation awaited a resolution to Florida's ballot bedlam, local election officials in Southern California waded through thousands of absentee ballots on Thursday in relative obscurity.
With only a few hundred votes separating the top candidates in the council and school board elections, the makeup of the area's two most contentious governing bodies will be decided by about 6,800 absentee ballots that won't be counted until Monday.
We can no longer go by the conventional wisdom that absentee ballots are more conservative, more Republican and older voters,'' political analyst Sherry Bebitch Jeffe said Monday.
Measure K was behind after the early absentees were counted with 37,821 no votes (60.
Hundreds of absentee ballots have poured into City Hall in anticipation of today's election on whether to keep or rescind the city's utility user's tax.
In 1967, most Palestinians in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) de facto became absentees with regard to their property in East Jerusalem, which was unilaterally and illegally annexed by Israel.
He also wanted the list of the other absentee doctors and other medical staff from the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.
They show that in Coventry, 1,679 young people were categorised as persistent absentees.
Dantona predicted that the remaining provisional ballots would tend to favor him and said he expected support from late absentee ballots as well.
It's common for more than 40 percent of all voters in some California counties to vote absentee; in Marin County where I live, a full 43 percent of all voters are now registered as permanent absentees.
In numerous instances children of the absentee landowners settled on the frontier, and in a great many other cases, cheap frontier land titles were accumulated as a capital store for the use of children and grandchildren.
Many work stations can be configured to distribute the workload of processing absentees
District court judge Boaz Okun reinforced this decision in 2006, but the State appealed later that year, claiming all residents of the Palestinian Territories to be absentees.
If more voters send their absentees back to this office, as opposed to taking them and dropping them off at the polls, it would make the process a little bit faster because we wouldn't have to wait for those from the polling places,'' Buchanan said.
It's still early and the absentees usually don't indicate the rest of the election.