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habitual absence from work

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a Dear Colleague letter to states, school districts, and communities on the need to reduce chronic absenteeism by at least 10% each year;
Defined as missing at least 10 percent (approximately 18 days) of school days in a school year, chronic absenteeism puts students at heightened risk of falling behind and dropping out of school.
Keeping your offices squeaky clean naturally -- be it from seen and unseen pollutants -- can result in healthier workers, higher productivity, and less absenteeism.
Negative stress or distress can cause stress related illness, and it can affect absenteeism, turnover and work performance [21].
London, July 15 ( ANI ): A study has revealed that the cost of absenteeism of workers has put British economy to an estimated 15 billion pounds a year loss.
There is already a huge shortage of doctors in the government health set up and absenteeism adds to the misery," complained Madhu Garg, general secretary, All India Democratic Women's Association, to Indian media.
for use with all-cause absenteeism data from NYC schools and validated our findings by using the daily count of school nurse visits for fever/influenza over the same period (7).
This is based on HSE calculations that 1% of absenteeism costs in the region of EUR46million.
Absenteeism is considered to be harmful to business by eight out of ten poll-takers (79.
While six-out-of-10 said that their companies track employee absenteeism through "a specialised programme with strict policies".
Absenteeism is a major problem at AIIMS," an official said.
I READ with interest Clayton Jones' letter (Feedback, January 30) and his call for a commission to examine public sector absenteeism and premium payments.
The country has one of the highest recorded rates of school absenteeism among adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa.
Reid, a consultant on school behavior and attendance in Wales, describes school-wide strategies for dealing with all types of absenteeism and increasing attendance in grade school through high school.
The action has been taken as part of the strictness of the government against absenteeism in the vital health department.