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(election) a ballot that is cast while absent (usually mailed in prior to election day)

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Larrazabal is currently in Hong Kong to observe the conduct of the first day of the automated overseas absentee vote there.
The Comelec Committee on Overseas Absentee Voting Secretariat said that of the hundreds of thousands who had signed up to take part in the absentee vote, 589,000 were certified for the May 2010 elections by the Comelec's Resident Election Registration Board.
Counting will not resume until Tuesday because postal votes, absentee votes and pre-poll votes need to be packaged up and returned to each electoral district to be processed.
If Choolokian wins a heavy margin among the absentee votes he can pull off an upset.
When Arkansas held a special legislative election in January, dozens of mail-in absentee votes were thrown out after voters failed to include a copy of their photo ID with their ballot.
The information--the term used to refer to charged filed directly by federal prosecutors rather than by a grand jury--described multiple acts, including buying meals in exchange for absentee votes.
The UIA also won most of the absentee votes, according to preliminary results released yesterday.
But as the absentee votes began trickling in, the tide slowly but surely began to turn.
The suit asked that nearly 15,000 absentee votes be tossed out.
An estimated 400 absentee votes still need to be counted next week.
Did we dare to seriously contemplate victory before the absentee votes were tabulated?
peacekeeping operations and for international disaster relief, will be allowed to cast absentee votes in such elections.
The commission set up voting stations for absentee ballots June 16 and 17 in three places in Tokyo and also accepted absentee votes by mail from residents now living in areas far from the capital and for those who are disabled.
Expected to be a swing vote in the vice presidential race are the 400,000 overseas absentee votes cast for the 2016 elections.
Leonor Leni Robredo leading over Marcos only included 19 percent of overseas absentee votes (OAV).