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Absentee votes are verified by matching the ballot signature to voter registration signatures and the verification is done prior to counting the ballot.
Larrazabal is currently in Hong Kong to observe the conduct of the first day of the automated overseas absentee vote there.
The absentee vote is going to be key in this special election, said Rick Taylor, a Democratic campaign consultant.
Manila The Philippines is in the thick of preparations for the country's absentee vote with more than half-a-million Filipinos expected to take part in the political exercise that will elect the country's next national leaders.
I have just mailed in my absentee vote for Proposition AA (the Los Angeles Community College District's $980 million bond issue), with a big no.
When Arkansas held a special legislative election in January, dozens of mail-in absentee votes were thrown out after voters failed to include a copy of their photo ID with their ballot.
The final vote count for the presidential election of 2012 is still being tallied, as absentee votes and overseas military votes are late in arriving and being included in the election results.
The information--the term used to refer to charged filed directly by federal prosecutors rather than by a grand jury--described multiple acts, including buying meals in exchange for absentee votes.
A previous version adopted last week had allowed for absentee votes, prompting a walkout from parliament by southern politicians fearful that if southerners voted in the north there could be fraud and pressure by the Khartoum government.
The Assembly's Monitoring Committee appointed former German Justice Minister Herta Dubler-Gmelin and Polish Senator Urszula Gacek to look into allegations involving postal and absentee votes in Birmingham, Blackburn, Coventry and London.
Elections in Bullock County in July 2002 resulted in victories for two white candidates for positions long held by African American incumbents and under circumstances that prompted charges of illegal absentee votes.
But in Florida, the huge number of absentee votes could delay the result until tomorrow.
But as the absentee votes began trickling in, the tide slowly but surely began to turn.
The suit asked that nearly 15,000 absentee votes be tossed out.
An estimated 400 absentee votes still need to be counted next week.