absentee rate

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the percentage of workers who do not report to work

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9 percent absentee rate Friday, compared with 10 percent Thursday.
Here at SHS we began to see a spike in our absentee rate on Jan.
Our absentee rate hovered near 10 percent," says Jan Cox, Howard Wilson principal.
An absentee rate of 5 percent to 10 percent is considered normal, but it's not unusual for that figure to spike upward during flu season, she said.
GRAFTON - Grafton High School reopened Wednesday, and the absentee rate has dropped significantly since the school was closed last week after faculty and students became ill from what is believed to have been the H1N1 virus, or swine flu.
The absentee rate will bump up to 49 percent the second week's phase of the study, which represents weeks three through six of the simulated outbreak.
But we only get reports from nursing homes, if a school had a high absentee rate or (if) a unique group of people called in.
That leaves an absentee rate of 8pc, or 100 pupils every day.
The absentee rate among the stars is so great that Harrington is seeded as high as 10th, but former Open champion Justin Leonard could block his path in the third round.
Company officials aren't sure why they saw no increase in the absentee rate Thursday, but they did spend a lot of time earlier in the week warning workers to be prepared for potential inclement weather, Lee said.
If the LAUSD were to seriously confront its attendance problem and reduce its absentee rate from 8 percent to 7 percent, it would earn enough extra funds to make up its loss.
But what is the daily absentee rate of an average-sized school?
Miller noted that studies have shown absentee rates to range over 10 percent in a building with poor air quality compared to only a 5 percent absentee rate for workers in a "healthy" building.
The high flu-related absentee rate that has curtailed classes and other activities at Grafton High School is one measure of the impact the virus is having.
Gelser had made an issue of Wirth's 25 percent absentee rate on House floor votes last session.