absentee rate

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the percentage of workers who do not report to work

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The spokesman of the Education Ministry, Moubarak Al-Asseimy, noted that these decisions were based on the observation of significant abuses in the discipline of students in a number of private schools, where the absentee rate reached unacceptable levels.
In fact, in many school districts, the absentee rate in kindergarten is nearly as high as it is in ninth grade.
clinics/hospitals Number of patients would increase rapidly, and Sickbeds and medicines: shortage Expected absentee rate 40% (the maximum) Prevalent period of time 8 weeks.
Alerts were automatically generated 1) for an absentee rate >8% and 2) when the percentage was at least 1.0 SD beyond the mean of the previous 30 days in countywide or an individual school, compared with their own value.
Typically, the school sees a student absentee rate of about 6 percent to 7 percent, Coleman said.
New figures show that more than 3,700 children notched up an overall absentee rate of 20 per cent or more.
5, assuming that the absentee rate of workers is randomly set to be 10, 20, 30, or 40 percent, respectively.
KNOWSLEY has the third highest secondary school absentee rate in England.
* Projected employee absentee rate (impacts overtime costs).
* Assess business continuity preparedness for a minimum 25-35% absentee rate.
The absentee rate was more than triple what it was the days before and after the election.
Organisation M had the highest average absentee rate for employees (2.98 per cent based on full-time employees), compared with the lowest of 1.62 per cent and an average absentee rate amongst the six organisations of 2.16 per cent.
But the image I have is of a lethargic council with an absentee rate that hasn't been seen since the Black Death.
He collected data to determine the absentee rate and the workers' compensation claims rate for employees hired two years before and two years after new background check policies were implemented.