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(election) a ballot that is cast while absent (usually mailed in prior to election day)

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But legal experts are warning voters that it will take additional time to count provisional ballots 6 special ballots given to voters who specifically request absentee ballots, but invariably fail to use them and instead arrive at polling places on election day.
Around 5,000 Maritime Self-Defense Force personnel are also expected to vote by absentee ballot at polling facilities established on MSDF vessels.
Finally, states may not reject an otherwise valid registration application, absentee ballot application, voted ballot, or Federal Write-in (emergency) Absentee Ballot because of notarization requirements, paper type, or weight and size measurements.
Before he dropped his Maryland absentee ballot in the big blue box set up by the post--and got his "I Voted Absentee" sticker--Ambassador E.
I further understand that requesting an absentee ballot removes my name from the list of eligible voters at the TNA Annual Meeting.
Dantona predicted that the remaining provisional ballots would tend to favor him and said he expected support from late absentee ballots as well.
Miami City Commissioner Hernandez tried to discredit the charges of absentee ballot fraud in the 1997 mayoral race by using the "racism" card.
The League has partnered with the Overseas Vote Foundation to enable military and overseas voters to register to vote and request absentee ballots.
Once absentee ballots are available for voting, an absentee voter may receive and return the ballot in person at the county board of elections office, or receive and return the absentee ballot by U.
To request an absentee ballot, voters should contact their state voter registration or election office.
Who's to say that political operatives in a battleground state wouldn't simply steal absentee ballots out of people's mailboxes in areas known to lean heavily to the other party?
It is worth noting that recent studies indicate there could be roughly 4 million Mexicans eligible for an absentee ballot.
And, if they vote by absentee ballot, they need to get it notarized.
A new Web site provided by POZ allows people to request an absentee ballot online if they are eligible to vote absentee.
With many service members and civilian employees deployed overseas, voting by absentee ballot is just as important to the election as the votes of those in the United States.