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(election) a ballot that is cast while absent (usually mailed in prior to election day)

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The municipality should send the absentee ballot three days after the request is delivered.
5 issued a mixed ruling in a Sunshine Law dispute involving absentee ballots cast in the August 2016 democratic primary race between Bruce Franks Jr., now the state representative in District 78 in St.
"The deadline to accept completed absentee ballots has passed, so at this time, the Embassy cannot guarantee that any ballots mailed from the UAE will be received on time in the United States to be counted in the election," the spokesperson said.
"It's numbers like these that confirm what we know," Tazelaar said, referring to the increased absentee ballot requests.
Denying early voting, requiring excuses to cast an absentee ballot and setting an early registration deadline all temper voter turnout unnecessarily.
"Voting by Mail--If s Fast and Easy," with an application for an absentee ballot that has the voter's name and address already filled in.
She recalled interviewing a woman with Alzheimer's disease who was staying at an adult day care when someone else allegedly cast an absentee ballot in her name.
Americans living in Israel who did not receive ballots from their local board of elections can download and print out a federal write-in absentee ballot, which is valid in every state, and return it.
Although every state is different, NAA has put together a helpful guide to help you understand your state's election laws and where possible, to sign up to vote early or by absentee ballot. To learn how you can make sure that wherever you are on Election Day, your voice is heard, and your vote is counted, visit today: www.naahq.orgdearn/advocacy/voter-resources.
The conclusion: "The absentee ballot was counted properly with no impropriety by any election workers.''
That dipping-toe-in-the-water approach has been augmented by a gradual increase in voting by absentee ballot - a sort of vote-by-mail system in disguise by which voters have discovered they can enjoy the benefits of voting by mail without having to call it that.
Tormala forwarded Van Vleet's email about the absentee ballot issue to Ruth Siragusa, a consumer access analyst for the NCUA's Office of Consumer Protection.
In an effort to avoid the mess of 2004, when thousands of voters waited hours in the cold to cast their ballots, Ohio election officials sent absentee ballot applications to every registered voter in the state.