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(election) a ballot that is cast while absent (usually mailed in prior to election day)

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Voting by Mail--If s Fast and Easy," with an application for an absentee ballot that has the voter's name and address already filled in.
Voters who wish to receive their absentee ballot by mail must submit their application by 2 p.
Although every state is different, NAA has put together a helpful guide to help you understand your state's election laws and where possible, to sign up to vote early or by absentee ballot.
The conclusion: "The absentee ballot was counted properly with no impropriety by any election workers.
The reason that the absentee ballot does not work here is that the members are not present to hear both parties speak regarding the petition, specifically, the person who they are trying to remove from office," Siragusa explained.
Permit uniformed services voters, (4) their spouses and dependents, and overseas voters who no longer maintain a residence in the United States, to register absentee (overseas voters are eligible to register absentee in the jurisdiction of their last residence) and to vote by absentee ballot in all elections for federal office (including general, primary, special, and runoff elections).
Around 5,000 Maritime Self-Defense Force personnel are also expected to vote by absentee ballot at polling facilities established on MSDF vessels.
Finally, states may not reject an otherwise valid registration application, absentee ballot application, voted ballot, or Federal Write-in (emergency) Absentee Ballot because of notarization requirements, paper type, or weight and size measurements.
Before he dropped his Maryland absentee ballot in the big blue box set up by the post--and got his "I Voted Absentee" sticker--Ambassador E.
I further understand that requesting an absentee ballot removes my name from the list of eligible voters at the TNA Annual Meeting.
We know that during the last absentee ballot counts, we've always gone ahead,'' he said.
Absentee ballot fraud, which is often done by people who have contact with the elderly, can be done through "assisting" the elderly or the visually impaired to mark a ballot--and then marking the ballot differently than directed.
VOTE411 provides both general and state-specific data on such items as voter registration and absentee ballot rules, early voting provisions, ID requirements, voting machine types, tools for overseas citizens, and contact information for elections officials.
You can now request an absentee ballot without stating a reason.
Criteria for receiving an absentee ballot also varies from state to state.