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one that is absent or not in residence

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Marlene Mercier also stopped by City Hall on Friday afternoon to pick up an absentee ballot before leaving for a trip.
However, a statement filed recently by current Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein to the High Court, in response to four appeals filed by Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, supported the application of the Absentee Property law in the related cases.
Seguis, the DFA Overseas Absentee Voting Secretariat and the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Committee on Overseas Absentee Voting, are gearing up for May 2010 elections by providing training to key personnel.
Foy said the delay was caused by more people casting absentee ballots, a trend he expects to continue, and said the county's election officials are doing a good job with the resources they have, making sure the count is accurate and legal.
Absentee ballots, another "non-traditional" ballot, also saw problems.
A total of 1,656,934 voters cast absentee ballots over an 11-day period from Oct.
SALT LAKE CITY -- In addition to registering to vote, Utah voters may now request an absentee ballot online, instead of visiting their county clerk's office in person.
I have a bunch of friends who took out absentee ballots - so many people are out of town now .
Longer commutes and workdays have lead many residents to opt out of traditional voting methods, choosing to mail in absentee ballots or cast electronic votes via touch-screen polling locations.
The number of absentee ballots cast in the July 29 House of Councillors election as of Sunday, the 11th day of campaigning, was almost double that of the 1998 upper house poll, the home affairs ministry announced Tuesday.
AUGUSTA, Maine -- Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap today announces that the Online Absentee Ballot Request Service for the November General Election is now available at www.
Communicates ease of absentee voting, reminds voters deadlines vary by state
Rushford said the Election Division of the City Clerk's Office had processed 1,019 absentee ballots.
He also predicted that of those votes cast, about 44 percent will be absentee.
About 1,500 absentee ballots for Sunday's House of Councillors election were not counted in Tokuyama, Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan, municipal election administration committee members said Monday.