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one that is absent or not in residence

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He explained that under RA 7166, local absentee voting is limited to the elections for President, Vice President and senators.
So far, the Comelec has recorded 1,376,067 overseas absentee voters in the May 2016 national and local elections.
Residents also can find information on absentee voting, Michigans voter identification requirement and how to contact their local clerk.
On August 5, 2015, Israeli police asked two East Jerusalem Palestinian families, Sabri Abu-Nab and Abdullah Abu-Nab, to leave their homes, under the pretext of absentee ownership.
SOUTHBRIDGE -- Absentee ballots are now available in the office of the Town Clerk/Board of Registrars, Town Hall, for the State Primary, which will take place Sept.
He also wanted the list of the other absentee doctors and other medical staff from the Medical Superintendent of the Hospital.
Voters currently living outside of the state they're registered to vote in can take advantage of the absentee ballot.
Several tens of thousands of Self-Defense Forces personnel will vote in nationwide local government elections this month by absentee ballot as they have been deployed in areas severely damaged by the March 11 mega earthquake and ensuing tsunami, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday.
Manila The 31-day absentee vote for overseas Filipinos kicked off without major hitches yesterday, reports reaching Manila from abroad said.
New figures show that more than 3,700 children notched up an overall absentee rate of 20 per cent or more.
Despite the potential impact of the "away" student vote on close elections, on-campus voter drives that promote absentee voting are rare.
The law provided for the use of a postage-free, federal post card application to request an absentee ballot; it also instructed secretaries of state to prepare an appropriate number of "official war ballots," which listed federal office candidates, as well as candidates for state and local office if authorized by the state legislature.
Please send an absentee ballot for the 2008 Tennessee Nurses Association election.
SACRAMENTO -- Presidential hopefuls might want to heed the findings of a new statewide poll on California's absentee voters.
Fortier, Absentee and Early Voting: Trends, Promises, and Perils is examines how nearly a quarter of Americans today vote before election day, either through absentee ballot or early voting places.