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Synonyms for absent-minded

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Synonyms for absent-minded

so lost in thought as to be unaware of one's surroundings

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CITY rated EDERSON Faced two tricky moments in the first half, but stood firm to deny Antonio and then kept out Arnautovic 7 KYLE WALKER Very sloppy at times in the first half, losing possession and passing absent-mindedly, improved in the second half 6 NICOLAS OTAMENDI His first start for a month, and he was able to ease himself back in as Laporte's 'junior' partner - no fuss 7 AYMERIC LAPORTE Just gets better and better - even his interceptions have an air of quality about them.
Too distracted to notice the kind waiter leading us to our table, I absent-mindedly followed, still eyeing every type of dessert imaginable.
He said he did it "absent-mindedly" in his "haste to get the train".
"Doogle lies at their feet and the pupils find themselves patting his head absent-mindedly while they read."
Now, whiten illicit foreign wealth January 2016 began with a government New Year gift for tax evaders on payment of ludicrous one percent tax on their black money, and ended with a December present to enterprising citizens who 'absent-mindedly' forget to mention real estate holdings in annual tax returns, again with a minimal penalty.
Then, he went on vacation for a month and absent-mindedly forgot about his patient!
You get the idea, it's pretty far out and pretty great, if a little niche - perfect for those nights, perhaps, when you've absent-mindedly banged a load of mescaline and amphetamines and just can't settle You know the ones.
I noticed it last week and wondered the plight of someone who absent-mindedly might walk into it.
There's a handy log to lean against while you absent-mindedly munch on a buttie, read the paper and tune the ambient sound of laughing families and barking dogs to the back of your brain.
Moving in a sweeping motion from right to left (swipe left for no?), Bruegel winters, Poussin autumns, and Gauguin summers pass the woman, who has the claws of a crustacean in place of arms, which she drags absent-mindedly through her hair.
You know the scenario: you're knackered, and ought to sleep, yet travelling from the sofa via the bathroom to the bedroom seems like too much effort -- while scrolling absent-mindedly through Netflix menus feels, in the most superficial sense of the word, relaxing.
"One day, I said absent-mindedly, it would be so cool if there was a Professor Proton action figure." Writer Eric Kaplan was paying attention--and had one made.
I always think that checked patterns have the feel of something that has been doodled, perhaps absent-mindedly while someone is on the phone.
Dear Alex, I PICKED up my boyfriend's smartphone to use the web browser and absent-mindedly started playing with his Facebook app.