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Synonyms for desertion

Synonyms for desertion

the act of forsaking


Synonyms for desertion

withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility

the act of giving something up

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The determinant will also consider if the action happened while they were absent without leave.
The reader of Absent without Leave is led to reasseas his or her own position, changing it or strengthening it.
Entfernung von der Truppe (1964; translated as Absent Without Leave and Other Stories,
Seeing as we're absent without leave next Friday (no paper, innit) now's as good a time as any to bring you our two picks of the finest Boxing Night parties on offer.
Ms Chapman said in her statement that she had become concerned about him after his sister had told her he was absent without leave.
The PTI MNAs were absent without leave in the assembly sittings for forty consecutive days.
The number of Army, Navy and Air Force servicemen and women currently absent without leave stands at 760.
An insider told the publication that the collective forces are going through files to double check if any SAS soldier or reservist went absent without leave or ran amok.
When I retired in 2009 on my pension statement it stated 'deductions, 13 days absent without leave, March 1979' .
A SOLDIER who went absent without leave, saying he needed to help his girlfriend through her difficult pregnancy, has been told he deserved to be locked up as an example to others.
A total of 2,647 personnel went absent without leave in 2001, rising to 2,824 in 2003 - when Britain and America spearheaded the invasion of Iraq.
POLICE are today continuing their hunt for an absent without leave Birmingham soldier.
TWO soldiers were absent without leave from their barracks last night, claiming that repeated bullying by their comrades had driven them from the careers they once loved.
Coach Joachim Low said Kuranyi will not play for the national team again in his reign after the 26-year-old went absent without leave following the 2-1 win over Russia.
Patients are classed as absent without leave by the Mental Health Act Commission if they break the terms of their permitted leave.