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Synonyms for desertion

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Synonyms for desertion

the act of forsaking


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Synonyms for desertion

withdrawing support or help despite allegiance or responsibility

the act of giving something up

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Swift, 22, a former Eugene resident, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to being absent without leave and missing movement in a summary court martial at Fort Lewis, Wash., where she is serving in Headquarters Company with the 42nd Military Police Brigade.
He spent years travelling the world as a navigating officer before joining the Spanish Foreign Legion, which landed him in prison when he went absent without leave.
"This process is something that affects everyone, not just Airmen who make poor choices or who go absent without leave. If you lead or supervise Airmen, it is imperative you understand this process so you can communicate its intent and possible impact to your troops."
Mejia, a former staff sergeant, served six months in Iraq and then was absent without leave for five months.
According to the commanding office, troubles involving its crew members continued as some were involved in crimes such as robbery while others went absent without leave.
Absent without Leave: French Literature under the Threat of War.
Castillo was last assigned at the mobile patrol unit of the Quezon City Police District but went absent without leave in 2007 due to a family problem, Cabildo said.
A police officer who has been absent without leave for three years was shot dead Sunday afternoon at Barangay Paang Bundok in Quezon City.
Siason said Valdez was a former member of the PNP-Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit who went AWOL (Absent Without Leave) in 2015.
Some of these constables have gone absent without leave (AWOL) for several months and some for nearly a year.
"He was reported absent without leave and didn't return our calls.
Ms Chapman said in her statement that she had become concerned about him after his sister had told her he was absent without leave. She said she reached him in a call which was cut off as he was hit by the train.
The PTI MNAs were absent without leave in the assembly sittings for forty consecutive days.
The number of Army, Navy and Air Force servicemen and women currently absent without leave stands at 760.
When I retired in 2009 on my pension statement it stated 'deductions, 13 days absent without leave, March 1979' .