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Synonyms for absent

Synonyms for absent

not present

deficient in a usual or needed amount

so lost in thought as to be unaware of one's surroundings

Synonyms for absent

go away or leave


not being in a specified place



lost in thought

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Around 1213 medical officers, 139 women medical officers, 148 senior medical officers were absent from their duties.
An angry Ahir also advised the absent doctor to join the Naxals.
In the DC office at 8:30 only Deputy Commissioner Abbottabad was present and a sweeper was cleaning the offices rest of the staff was absent and offices were locked.
Samreen was absent from her duty for last 15 days without any intimation and there was no entry in the muster role of the center.
They will look at any of those children or adults who are deemed absent.
All finishers in this year's Absent Friends event will get a longsleeved technical T-shirt and a bar of chocolate.
He said that the ACE officials conducted thorough inquiry into the matter and came to know that the female teachers had been absent from the schools for a long time.
10), the ovary is unilocular and septal nectaries are entirely absent.
The financial variation between the amount of wages paid to absent staff, pounds 15.
Only three MPs had been consistently absent, she said, without revealing their names.
It was only last month that the state government dismissed 1,052 government doctors of the provincial medical services who were absent from duty since 1991- 92.
A soldier who went absent without leave rather than serve a second tour in Afghanistan has been jailed for nine months.
This week I caught one of his shows where a dentally challenged pair calling themselves "parents" broke the news to a young woman that the person she'd believed to be her absent father wasn't her real absent father after all.
Nearly a quarter of teenagers who go to Ysgol Glan Clwyd in St Asaph were absent with swine flu and "various other viruses.
HOTLY tipped Anglo- Norwegian five-piece Absent Elk come to Newcastle on their debut headline tour this Saturday.