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Synonyms for absent

Synonyms for absent

not present

deficient in a usual or needed amount

so lost in thought as to be unaware of one's surroundings

Synonyms for absent

go away or leave


not being in a specified place



lost in thought

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About 21 percent teachers were absent in schools for girls.
It states that of 508,937 enrolled students, 192,243 were absent. It means that 38 per cent of the total students remain absent.
At least 18 percent of the staff of LWMC was absent from duty in UC 122, 138,143 and 142.
We could not carry out cross-examination majorly because he is absent from court,' he said.
Calling Parents to help education department in identifying the absent teachers Secretary Education said, the provincial government has imposed educational emergency in Balochistan following which we can't tolerate any negligence by the teachers and education department's staff.
Across England, 14pc of students in state secondary schools and 10pc in primary were persistently absent.
You are correct in stating that sometimes worker bees will lay eggs when a queen is absent. It would have been more clear if I had written that worker bees can't lay fertile eggs.
The Michigan Supreme Court has agreed that a woman was not "willfully absent" from her husband, despite not living together for more than 35 years.
Les Fantfmes du roman epistolaire d' Ancien Regime: L'interlocuteur absent dans la fiction monophonique (French Edition)
ECG Changes in COPD Patients ECG Changes Criteria Number % (n = 50) P-pulmonale Absent 16 32.0 Present 34 68.0 Right axis deviation Absent 19 38.0 of QRS Complex Present 31 62.0 (Beyond +90 degrees) Right Ventricular Absent 40 80.0 Hypertrophy (RVH) Present 10 20.0 Right bundle branch Absent 34 68.0 block (RBBB) Present 16 32.0 Low voltage of QRS Absent 24 48.0 complex Present 26 52.0 Polymorphic p-wave Absent 44 88.0 Present 6 12.0 Table 2.
Title III of Book I of the Louisiana Civil Code, "Of Absent
Senate President Vicente Sotto III and Senators Aquilino Pimentel III and Panfilo Lacson have set an example to their colleagues in the Upper Chamber for not being absent or late during the second regular session of the 17th Congress.
But there have been claims of disagreements in recent weeks, with Buvac absent from tactical meetings and no longer involved in team selection.
76 MPs voted in favour and 122 voted against while 26 MPs were absent during the vote.