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Synonyms for absent

Synonyms for absent

not present

deficient in a usual or needed amount

so lost in thought as to be unaware of one's surroundings

Synonyms for absent

go away or leave


not being in a specified place



lost in thought

References in classic literature ?
While the gentlemen were absent from the hotel, the room which had been already associated with so many startling circumstances, became the scene of another strange event in which Lady Montbarry's eldest child was concerned.
Try as we might to overlook them, there were the three empty places of the three absent women, speaking in their own dismal language for themselves.
They are related, without suppression or reserve, in a little narrative which my husband wrote, at the time of our marriage, for the satisfaction of one of his absent relatives, whose good opinion he was unwilling to forfeit.
The endurance of each species and group of species is continuous in time; for the exceptions to the rule are so few, that they may fairly be attributed to our not having as yet discovered in an intermediate deposit the forms which are therein absent, but which occur above and below: so in space, it certainly is the general rule that the area inhabited by a single species, or by a group of species, is continuous; and the exceptions, which are not rare, may, as I have attempted to show, be accounted for by migration at some former period under different conditions or by occasional means of transport, and by the species having become extinct in the intermediate tracts.
A thing which "feels real" inspires us with hopes or fears, expectations or curiosities, which are wholly absent when a thing "feels imaginary.
Teachers who will be absent begin calling my home at 5:30 to 6 a.
Expressing his resentment on issuance of warning notices to the absent teacher by district education officer (DEO) Naushehro Feroz, Ghulam Rasool Kerio, he directed that showcase notices should be issued to absent teachers under Removal From Services Ordinance if a teacher was found absent either for a single day or for a longer period.
Only three MPs had been consistently absent, she said, without revealing their names.
Patrick Mathers, who won on Absent Friends at Nottingham last month.
It's surprising to find such a specific relationship between absent fathers and girls' later sexual behavior," comments psychologist Sara R.
The parent who has the the kids live comfortably while the absent parent has to give up their home and struggles to keep themselves.
The term a genesis is used when both the ICA and its bony canal are absent; aplasia refers to a situation where the ICA is absent but there is some evidence of a bony canal.
The two other members of the commission, Supervisor John Flynn and Oxnard Councilman John Zaragosa, were absent.
Which brings me back to what is absent from A house on a hill.
CSA chief executive Ms Faith Boardman said the number of absent mothers is increasing.