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The Uniform Code of Military Justice lists absence without leave and desertion as punishable offenses:
Among the more unusual offences is one of aiding, abetting, counselling or procuring desertion or absence without leave from the armed forces.
Katsounotos referred to the latest incident where a policeman was sacked after repeated offences relating to failure to perform duty and absence without leave.
Perhaps this trend simply follows an increase in the overall number of unauthorized absences, or it reflects commanders' perception that absence without leave and desertion are more serious offenses in times of armed conflict," Haggler wrote.
O'Leary has accepted Djemba-Djemba's explanation as to his absence without leave for personal reasons following his country's African Nations' Cup exit.
And a quick glance at the team sheet suggested they were struggling at the back, where all the talk had been about Sol Campbell's untimely absence without leave.
News of suicides, attempted suicides, desertions, absence without leave, deliberate self-harm, depression, anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) among US troops began to surface soon after the war started in March 2003 (see, for instance, the New York Post, 6 October 2003).
Any reservist who fails to comply with a call-up notice is guilty of absence without leave or desertion under Section 96 of the Reserve Forces Act 1996.
The policemen were investigated by the Napolcom in connection with various offenses, including involvement in illegal drugs, going on absence without leave, grave misconduct, and neglect of duty.
The graft case against the two former officials stemmed from the complaint of Inspector Romenick Linsangan who had been dropped from the rolls on July 1, 2011 due to absence without leave (AWOL).
POLICE have sacked a member of the force after repeated offences relating to failure to perform duty and absence without leave, it was announced yesterday.
In this case, his entire defence chose the visit of Norwich City to give themselves an extra day's absence without leave.