absence seizure

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the occurrence of an abrupt, transient loss or impairment of consciousness (which is not subsequently remembered), sometimes with light twitching, fluttering eyelids, etc.

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Although no association of dominance with epilepsy as compared to control group was found (Table 3), however, mean differences between epileptic patients with five types of seizures were significant with high dominance score reported in the patients with absence seizure than the other seizures types (Table 4).
Le Van Quyen, "Cortical local and long-range synchronization interplay in human absence seizure initiation," NeuroImage, vol.
As compounds effective in the PTZ test seem to be effective in absence seizure in humans, (29) caraway may have a potential clinical use in absence seizure.
Jackson, "Insights into the mechanisms of absence seizure generation provided by EEG with functional MRI," Frontiers in Neurology, vol.
If not treated, absence seizures can interfere with learning and increase the likelihood of injury or accident.
Absence seizures (petit mal epilepsy) are just as common however, but often this condition is very hard to detect.
"While talking to him I had one of my panic attacks but once it had finished the GP asked how often I had them and said he did think it was a panic attack but an absence seizure."
PTZ produces tonic-clonic convulsions in rats or mice and is commonly employed as a reliable animal model for screening new anti-epileptic drugs for absence seizure. (21, 22) We evaluated the anticonvulsant effects of Guaifenesin using PTZ-induced seizure in the present study, our results demonstrated that Guaifenesin could not only decrease the susceptibility of mice to PTZ-induced myoclonic, clonic, and especially tonic-clonic seizures but also protect the mice against PTZ-induced death.
A second type of seizure is known as an "absence seizure" where a casualty may suddenly "switch off" and may stare blankly.
% Generalised Tonic-clonic seizure 28 80 Absence seizure 5 14.2 Complex partial seizure 2 5.71 Table 6.
Dr Cope's grant of pounds 184,017 from Epilepsy Research UK will fund a three-year project which will look at the changes in cells that occur when an absence seizure occurs and also to look at the mechanisms that cause these changes.
Trimethadione is the only dione available in the United States; paramethadione is used overseas and in Canada for absence seizures. Diones, also known as oxazolidinediones, reduce T-type calcium currents in thalamic neurons.[9] This reduction raises the threshold for repetitive activity in the thalamus and inhibits corticothalamic relay transmission, reducing absence seizure activity.
Normally, the concentration just goes and I have something called an absence seizure. You get a little bit distant and are not quite on the case.
Generalised tonic clonic seizure 61.7 Complex partial seizure 13.3 Simple partial seizure 5.8 Absence seizure 8.3 Myoclonic seizure 7.5 Table 9: Shows the Distribution of Aetiology of Seizures Etiology of epilepsy cases.