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Synonyms for abseil

(mountaineering) a descent of a vertical cliff or wall made by using a doubled rope that is fixed to a higher point and wrapped around the body

lower oneself with a rope coiled around the body from a mountainside

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Abseilers need to stabilise the slope for road users safety, as the recent heavy rain through the alpine passes has triggered rockfall at this part of the Lewis Pass, says Ms Forrester.
Principality Stadium manager Mark Williams said: "The mast maintenance attracts attention as passersby marvel at the abseilers at work.
Experts from Redpoint Climbing Centre guided the abseilers after kitting them out with safety harnesses.
Captain'' and curator Marc Rees with the air hostesses who will lead a spectacular procession featuring a wingless plane along Llandudno Promenade this Sunday along with harpists, abseilers and hundreds of schoolchildren (L-R) Sculptor Nick Elphick''s sculpture of Motorhead singer Lemmy will be among pieces displayed in a DC-9's wingless fuselage
The detection team also use professional abseilers to climb down cliffs and leave a trap (a hot-dog on a stick) every five metres.
TEAM WORK Left, Deborah McIntyre takes the plunge from the top of the building and, right, the team of abseilers pose for a picture EASY DOES IT Kerry Kerr, of the Outpost Housing Project, abseils off the Vermont Hotel, with the Sage and the Tyne in the background
Dave works for a Derbyshire company called Difficult Access Solutions, who specialise in jobs requiring the skills - and the bravery - of specialist abseilers.
Up until eight weeks ago, my husband Steffan ran teams of abseilers building oil rigs - could you possibly get more of a stark contrast to suddenly becoming a stay-at-home Dad?
I can't wait to meet the abseilers and tell them, they're not just helping a ward of old people, they're actually helping young people like me," said Owain, who lives in Shifnal, Shropshire.
We launched a poster campaign in East Lothian asking the public and people who have hobbies, such as abseilers and potholers, if they would help search for her.
Abseilers will be dislodging rocks near Summit Creek on State Highway 6, between Inangahua and Westport.
THIS is the moment daring abseilers were spotted dangling from one of Coventry's tallest buildings as they gave the landmark a facelift.
Safety is a top priority and all our staff and contractors doing this work have to be qualified abseilers.
The hotel's general manager, 26-year-old Hannah Hartland from Stechford, was one of the abseilers.
The charity's fundraising manager Claudia Tanner said: "Thank you so much to all our abseilers and everyone who has sponsored them.