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Synonyms for abscondment

the act of running away secretly (as to avoid arrest)

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Atere erred by his abrupt resignation and his action qualified for abscondment,' a source said.
With the start of the airlift of pilgrims for the 2019 hajj, it is imperative for stakeholders to set in motion actions that would help to arrest or eliminate the twin activities of drug trafficking and abscondment.
He further observed that although mere abscondment of the accused could never be treated as evidence of being guilty, but looking at the facts and circumstances of the case, the same also went against the accused in the light of the case law, as Abid was fleeing for four-and-half years and Intizar for almost six years.
The PCB have launched their own inquiry into the events leading up to Haider's abscondment, and Jakhrani confirmed the government would be asking the PCB to submit a report on the incident.
Abdul Hafeez Pirzada said scores of people who were given benefit under NRO during their abscondment could not participate in the election process.
'Avon and Somerset Constabulary were notified of his abscondment immediately by the Home Office.'
Indeed, even the defendant's abscondment from legal custody can be regarded as an implicit withdrawal of a confession.(65) These principles are clearly of potential importance in the trial of Parry and McLauchlin, who explicitly withdrew their confessions on receiving legal advice.(66) However, the position of withdrawn confessions in relation to Qisas crimes such as murder, as opposed to Hudud crimes, is uncertain.
The NCPC boss disclosed that the commission in 2018 flew a total of 9,800 pilgrims, adding that it recorded a low rate of abscondment.
(2) Other situations may include abscondment of the accused, missing dockets or delays in the admission process.
The Pekan MP under a corruption investigation over his brainchild 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) fuelled speculation of abscondment last week when pictures of him, his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor and their many pieces of luggage spread over social media.
Receiving the pilgrims, the Executive Secretary of NCPC Reverend Tor Uja said the last pilgrimage exercise was the best as the Commission did not record any death, casualty or abscondment of pilgrims.
Demographic data (age, gender), clinical diagnosis, length of stay (including data from those who were not discharged during the study period), referral pattern to the next level of psychiatric care or other clinical departments, and outcomes of admission (abscondment, discharge, readmission, transfer or death) were collected by a mental healthcare nurse and captured on a structured datasheet.
He was serving an eight-year sentence for drugs offences and police will now be liaising with the Crown Prosecution Service over potential charges in connection with his abscondment from HMP Hewell.
He was suspended by the party over abscondment from his office for over six months as PDP National Deputy Chairman.'
While noting that the NCPC has targeted a zero abscondment for 2019 pilgrimage, Reverend Uja stated that the commission as recorded four cases in 2018.