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Manama Absconding Kuwait-based foreigners will lose their residence permits immediately if a plan proposed by the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) to reduce the high number of illegal residents in the country is implemented.
Ricardo Dunn, of Burnley in Lancashire, is also on the run after absconding from jail at the same time as Douglas.
The theory is that these are prisoners who are coming to the end of their sentences and therefore should no longer be at risk of absconding.
Meena Devi, who has been suspended, is absconding along with her husband after the midday meal tragedy that raised food safety concerns.
He said that the number of absconding workforce in the first quarter of 2012 stood at (1,306) while the number of absconding workers stood at (1,454).
Glyn Travis, from the POA, said last night: "The Prison Service has failed to address our serious concerns about the number of prisoners absconding from HMP Sudbury and other open prisons.
The UK Border Agency said it makes "strenuous efforts" to stop failed asylum seekers from absconding and that measures are in place to try and track them down.
ISLAMABAD, September 06, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Advocate General for Punjab Khwaja on Monday apprised the Supreme Court that three out of four absconding police officials involved in Sialkot incident in which two brothers were lynched by a mob in their presence, had been arrested.
The process to expel family members of the absconding militants has started in Swat district after the expiry of the deadline as on the first day, 25 families of the hiding militants were expelled from Malakand Division.
But the POA's Glyn Travis said: "The Prison Service say the number of criminals absconding from open prisons is down but what you've got to look at is the kind of offences the absconders were imprisoned for.
Summary: A convicted murderer and former aide to the Duchess of York is on the run after absconding from prison.
A CONVICTED child kidnapper was last night still on the run after absconding from an open prison.
Later, he said Brown had been due for release in July and added: "He has no history of absconding and had already completed one successful seven-day period of home leave in April this year.
If there is any evidence that the employee did not abscond from work, or was absent for a specific and justified reason (example: leave, sickness, resignation, termination, dispute with employer, non-payment of salary, complaint case at the Labour Ministry, etc) the absconding report will be rejected.
Rushfirth, of Adelaide House, Benwell, Newcastle, pleaded guilty to the September 19 theft and to absconding.