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a fugitive who runs away and hides to avoid arrest or prosecution

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According to police, absconder Zafar Iqbal s/o Muhammad Rafique, resident of chak 18-SB had allegely killed Imtiaz Ahmed in 2006 over land dispute, in the precincts of Mela police station.
I would like to advise the questioner that the Ministry will not accept the withdrawal of the absconder complaint by the employer, therefore, I advise the questioner to file a complaint against the employer asking for his rights regarding end-of-service commission.
The absconder has been identified as Farooq Mirza, the president of Forth Pillar, a US-based media association.
"Is it legally, morally, ethically correct for the finance minister to interact with an absconder in such a manner?" Surjewala said.
Reference was filed in accountability courts in 2015 and the Muhammad Arif was declared absconder by the court and issued perpetual warrant of arrests of the accused person in May 2018.
Rabbani said that it was worrisome that a person, who was declared an absconder and had warrants issued for him from different courts, had been allowed to submit his nomination papers.
The two women [student and absconder] and the banker were then believed to have conspired against the bank, according to records, before they opened a bank account in the name of the absconder, applied for a personal loan and embezzled Dh2.7 million.
Kashmore police have claimed to have nabbed two absconders besides recovering TT pistol and bullets from katcha area of Gheehalpur.
As soon as they realised that I was not an absconder, they refunded the fee to remove the absconder status," said Krishnamurthy, who was maliciously declared an absconder by her employer.
Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], May 6 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Sunday alleged that Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah who had attended the World Economic Forum meeting in China in 2013 had met "declared absconder" Vijay Eswaran there and received an expensive gift from him.
Earlier today, an anti-terrorism court once again issued non-bailable arrest warrants for MQM founder and other absconders, including the recently expelled Salman Baloch.
Prior to his last visit to the UAE, the absconder called him while he was in Afghanistan, saying that he wanted to have a talk with him without specifying the subject.
Department of Justice directive called the Absconder Apprehension Initiative.
Hangu -- Thal Police in a successful raid arrested absconder who has been on run from the arrest for the last eighteen years.
On Friday, the petitioner's lawyer, Zulfiqar Ali Jalbani, told the court that one of the absconders, Meral Khushk was living in Khanpur, while the second absconder, Ghulam Razzak Khushk was living in Kandiaro.