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a fugitive who runs away and hides to avoid arrest or prosecution

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The entire system will be affected if an absconder is allowed to contest election.
CJP Inquired if there is any court's decision that any one declared absconder by court can not contest polls.
Earlier, the Supreme Court, while extending by three months the deadline for the accountability court hearing the illegal assets case against Ishaq Dar, has wondered how Dar was electedto the Senate when he has been declared an absconder by the court.
However, some experts say now after the amendment to the Election Act 2017, an absconder can contest election.
But how come the NBP opened an account for Ishaq Dar who has been declared an absconder by the court of law?
Rizvi, along with other leaders, Maulana Afzal Qadri, Maulana Inayat and Sheikh Izhar were also declared as absconders by the court.
A section SHO Shahid Hussain Memon also caught an absconder Arz Mohmmad Golo during snap checking at Degree College Road.
Accountability court ordered issue non-boilable warrants to absconder accused Akhtar Hameed.
The two women [student and absconder] and the banker were then believed to have conspired against the bank, according to records, before they opened a bank account in the name of the absconder, applied for a personal loan and embezzled Dh2.
The woman said she was reported as an absconder following a dispute with her employer, and was arrested after going to the immigration department to resolve the matter.
ASURAT court on Monday declared rape accused Narayan Sai an absconder.
The court clarified that a notice means reporting about an absconding employee, and as per the labour law, an employer must not issue an absconder notice against a worker in several circumstances.
Islamabad -- Additional Sessions Judge Kamran Bashrat Mufti de clared an accused person absconder for printing forged mobile scratch cards of different mobile companies and giving loss of Rs 134 million to local telecommunication companies.
Previously, as in other areas in the country, the prison service and the police together made an assessment of any potential risk an absconder posed which determined whether the public needed to be informed.
ISLAMABAD -- National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) has opened a bank account of an absconder and proclaimed offender, former finance minister Ishaq Dar, facilitating him to contest Senate election.