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shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plant

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the act of cutting something off

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Cotton squares and small cotton bolls fallen on the soil due to attack by other insect pests or by natural abscission of the cotton squares were not considered in the evaluation.
The abscission of cotton reproductive structures (squares and small bolls) can be attributed to several factors unrelated to pest infestations (GUINN, 1982; SHOWLER, 2008).
The treatment with 10[micro]L [L.sup.-1] ethylene for 48 hours induced 100% abscission of leaves on cultivar 'Calypso' (Figure 1A and Figure 2A), while 'MG 302' showed intermediate response to ethylene with 42% of leaf abscission after treatment (Figure 1B and Figure 3A).
The authors reported that ethylene unleashed a severe and rapid abscission of leaves for 'Calypso', but the cultivar 'MG 302' showed intermediate response to treatment, with abscission ranging from 15 to 38% after being exposed to 10[micro]L [L.sup.-1] ethylene for 48 hours.
Despite its colorful fruits and compact canopy, Calypso has short post production longevity, due to high rate of leaf abscission when exposed to relative low ethylene (SEGATTO et al., 2013).
In cut orchid flowers of Epidendrum ibaguense, treatment with 1-MCP increased longevity by reducing flower abscission and wilting (FINGER et al., 2008).
As far as the authors are aware, no studies have been done on abscission of reproductive structures in the sub-humid savanna [12].
Flower abscission was estimated by subtracting the number of young pods produced from total number of flowers produced while pod abscission was determined as the number of young pods less the number of harvestable pods.