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shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plant

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the act of cutting something off

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Meanwhile, sepsis (model group) resulted in histological changes; rats had swollen intestinal mucosal villus, dilated central cheliferous vessels, and inflammatory cell infiltration at 12 h after modeling; at 24 h, model animals showed aggravated damage, with significantly swollen intestinal mucosal villus, overt necrosis and abscission of the epithelial cells, and severe edema of the lamina propria, as well as large amounts of infiltrated inflammatory cells.
As I tried to absorb the details of abscission, I saw other words with which I was familiar.
Lee et al., (2016) detected QTLs (qSh1 and qSh6) pertaining to breaking tensile strength and abscission layer, on chromosome 1 and 6 of rice.
In the parameter of floret abscission, Tuberose spikes given pre-storage treatment of 0.5 mM TDZ with 15% sucrose and stored in 40 [mu] HDPE polyfilm packaging at 2[degrees]C low temperature storage noted minimum number of florets abscised per spikes (2.00).
These phases were defined as follows: sprouting (emergence of leaves)--initially characterized by the presence of leaf primordia, usually of light-green or reddish color, ending when leaves acquired a dark green color; buds--period that starts when reproductive buds appear at the apical region of the branches and ends when flowers start opening (anthesis); flowering--period when the tree is at full bloom; fruiting-- starts from the moment it is possible to visualize the small fruits after the flowers are fertilized and ends with dispersion of the seeds; senescence--period when the leaves change their color from dark green to brown and the spontaneous leaf abscission starts, forming empty spaces (flaws) at the crown or branches (LEAL; PERINI; CASTRO, 2007).
This could result in greater abscission of flowers.
The berry abscission was expressed as a percentage, obtained by multiplying the weight of loose berries by 100 and dividing this by the total berry weight, for each sample.
Harvest started 93 days after sowing, and lasted for 17 days, taking the appearance of abscission zone in the fruit peduncle as a point of harvest.
Critique: Original, imaginative, engaging, entertaining, "The Abscission Zone" by Samuel Muggington is a compelling science fiction novel that reveals the fragility and savagery of the natural world, along with mankind's profound impact on the Earth's biodiversity and ecosystems.
Objectives:To investigate the causes and remedies of premature fruit drop of wax apple and the findings of this study will help to increase the fruit yield by reducing the bud and premature fruit abscission. Results:It was observed that plant growth regulators, hydrogen peroxide and phloemic stress improved the fruit retention and improved the quality of fruits.G[A.sub.3] 50 and 20 mg/L treatment during flowering reduced the bud and fruit drop of wax apple.
It is a high yield plant with a complete abscission layer originating from Oryza sativa L.
This central spindle signal model is based on the activity of two key regulatory complexes required for central spindle assembly, Rho regulation, abscission, and, ultimately, successful cytokinesis.