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shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plant

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the act of cutting something off

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2007) also observed high leaf abscission in genotypes of Prunus compared to water deficit and also to which occurred in this study, the Ci values obtained significant increase under this condition.
It is a high yield plant with a complete abscission layer originating from 'Nagdong' is the main variety cultivated in our region and considered as positive and negative with WBPH resistance.
When flower appears on cotton plant several hormonal changes occur leading to increased concentration of abscisic acid up to 100 folds, as abscisic acid has role in desiccation tolerance in seed, this higher concentration of abscisic acid in flower indirectly increase concentration of ethylene and form abscission zone on peduncle and flowers start to drop.
Finally, furrow initiation appears to be more robust than ingression and abscission, as only a small subset of the activated eggs that showed furrow activity tended to complete cytokinesis.
The abscission layer in Cannabis glandular trichomes is best observed in sifted hashish preparations in which gland heads and gland stalks appear as separate entities with the head cells broken away cleanly at the abscission layer.
Lenhart, Stephen DiNardo, "Somatic Cell Encystment Promotes Abscission in Germline Stem Cells following a Regulated Block in Cytokinesis," Developmental Cell, 2015; DOI: 10.
Plant growth regulator control many physiological processes including cell division, root initiation, apical dominance, leave senescence, leave abscission, vegetative growth, and flowering [1].
The seasonal trend from July to September is characterized by increasing temperature, low or no rainfall rates, low soil water content and relative air humidity with increasing vapor pressure deficit, increasing leaf abscission of older leaves and the production of reproductive structures of V.
Field-grown Pinot Gris vines were sprayed with 400 mg/L ABA at different stages of development (veraison, post-veraison, components or fruit composition, but it caused early leaf abscission, advanced bud dormancy and eventually increased freezing tolerance.
2005); however, ethylene produced by tissue, callus and plantlets in closed vessels may lead to abnormal plantlet growth, hyperhydricity, abnormal branching in vitro, epinasty, leaf and flower bud abscission, diminution of foliar area (Turhan, 2004; Mullins et al.
This abscission layer is constructed so as to prevent the tree from "bleeding to death'' when the leaves detach from the tree.
Artificial lighting isn't strong enough to induce photosynthesis, but it can affect the production of phytocrome, a pigment that absorbs red wavelengths to help plants with dormancy, seed germination and abscission (the natural detachment of parts, such as leaves or fruit).