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shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plant

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the act of cutting something off

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Regarding the levels of carbohydrates caused by fruit abscission promoted by Ethephon, it was found that there was a linear increase in the percentage of thinning depending on the concentrations of Ethephon applied in the three years evaluated (Figure 5).
4) Petals showing abscission which is not stimulated by exogenous ethylene, in that the exogenous ethylene does not induce an autocatalytic production of ethylene and that ethylene antagonists were found to be ineffective in delaying flower abscission e.
relation to seed abscission is highly variable, but most authors agree
e scaling) of stipules, leaf or flower buds; no bud abscission 3 initiation of browning of stipules, leaf or flower buds; no bud abscission 5 distinct browning/drying of stipules and leaf or flower buds; some bud abscission 7 serious bud abscission accompanied by browning/drying of stipules and buds; non elongation of peduncles 9 very severe bud abscission, heavy browning, drying of stipules and buds; distinct non-elongation of (most or all) peduncles.
Prior to ANOVA, all percentage data were arcsine transformed, root length data were log transformed while number of roots, leaf abscission, cutting mortality and shoot formation data were square root transformed, [11, 28].
Boring in growing tips, and particularly stems, may conceivably lead to tip abscission, suggesting that at least some missing apical meristems may also have resulted from damage inflicted by P.
The capsule is ovate or ellipsoid, dehiscing along the ring of abscission tissue which is developed around the capsule [23,6].
Among the materials, higher molecular weights of chitosan enhanced storability of grape by efficiently delaying reduction of fresh weight, drying and browning of rachis, berry abscission, and also by reducing respiration and decrease in titratable acidity.
Herbivory by Boreioglycaspis melaleucae (Hemiptera: Psyllidae) accelerates foliar degradation and abscission in the invasive tree Melaleuca quinquenervia.
Furthermore, the damage caused by larvae delays nut development, accelerates the loss of moisture from the husk, and interferes with the natural abscission of the husk from the shell.
Premature abscission is a consequence of feeding and development inside buds and fruits, resulting in loss of production (Cano & Alcacio 1894; Walker 1905; Pratt 1907; Elmore et al.
This abscission zone, at which the style head later separates from the developing follicles, is present, in more or less conspicuous form, throughout the Asclepiadoideae.
In inflorescences of Piper (Tucker, 1982) and Peperomia (Tucker, 1980), the inflorescence meristems decline in height, diameter, and volume, and then either they terminate as spines, they abort after formation of abscission zones, the component tissue matures, or they simply die and dry up in place.
Fruit abscission may be beneficial to juniper, since beetle mortality was 4.