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the value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis

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We write, in column 7, the abscissas of the points of transection of the straight and adjacent hyperbolas.
The x-charts were created with the charge moisture content on the ordinate and the date on the abscissa.
In this histogram, we look for all the abscissas corresponding to a pixel density equal to WW.
Phases of the experiment are shown on the abscissas with test phases denoted on the abscissas with asterisks.
To compute this score, curvilinear abscissas of start and end of name can be compared with curvilinear abscissas of first and last sections.
But, tell me, you who knew how to flutter your shiny atrocities along with your glitter, you, obsessed by interims overcrowded with the fanged smelt of leafless news, you, the messenger of abscissas flourishing together with the salt of tears--answer:
RABINOWITZ, some geometrical theorems for abscissas and weights of Gauss type, J.
Then we should distribute the numerical values along the axis of abscissas, covering numerous intervals by them.
14) that the abscissas of the Radau quadrature [7] inside of the interval [0,1) are the zeros [x.
The difference consists only in those abscissas with opposite signs.
PRASAD, Some interpolatory polynomials on Hermite abscissas, Math.
Difference between the abscissas in columns 6 and 7 (column 8);
The divergence abscissas entering these theorems are identified as the local dimension of the measure at zero in the first case, and as the correlation dimension of the measure in the second.