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the value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis

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In this contour plot, time is plotted as the ordinate, and wavelength is plotted as the abscissa, with the contour lines showing the amount of measured absorbance.
where x is the sum of center for abscissa, [s.sub.i] is the length of machine, and [R.sub.is] is the tolerance zone.
The pitch angle will particularly exist throughout [-[pi], [pi]] once the abscissa [x.sup.+.sub.10] > 7113 m.
Forcing strictly increasing abscissas, and [c.sub.3] = 1, the optimal SSP method has C = [square root of 2] - 1 and the following coefficients:
SC-95 accuracy is characterized by the mean square error (MSE) transfer of coordinates on the edge of the network AGS of Commonwealth of Independent States +1.02m on the abscissa and +1.10m on the ordinate and the MSE error of the mutual position of related points 2-4 cm.
(14), a set of M uniformly spaced abscissas [[xi].sub.m]'s is mapped into a set of M nonuniformly spaced abscissas [x.sub.m] in such a way that only the few [c.sub.l]'s are the parameters to be optimized.
In order to count these paths, referring to Figure 4, just split each of them into a prefix and a suffix of equal length n and call C the point having abscissa n.
St.: (checks and uses the tool, see Figure 7) Now I have a spiral encroaching ([square root of 2], [square root of 2]) and their abscissas should provide better and better approximations to the value of [square root of 2].
We write, in column 7, the abscissas of the points of transection of the straight and adjacent hyperbolas.
But back to the correspondence between the abscissas of Figures 11 and 14, it is noticeable that the places where the cutting should take place are located at heights of minimas equal to the thickness of the writing.
(a)-two pieces of vertical lines [L'.sub.n] and [L".sub.n] crossing the axis at the abscissas [r.sub.n] and [r.sub.-n];
O eixo das abscissas representa a posicao de cada bandeja que recebeu deposicao de produto, na mesma ordem/ posicao em que estiveram dispostas na pista no momento da amostragem, porem, numeradas sequencialmente da esquerda para a direita.