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the value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis

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2 - only for manually measured values) Abscissae connecting Images points 41 42 43 [sub.
2) in middle distinctly, arcuately excavated, with sides of excavation acutely produced, with a trapeziform prominence mesally (prominence slightly emarginate in middle), and with subquadrate polished area on surface; median carina on propodeal dorsum somewhat shorter than in female, rugae on dorsum somewhat transverse; length relation between abscissae of radial vein of forewing (Fig.
where P(UT + kT) represents the number of points hitting the region of interest for a section at the point of abscissae UT + kT.
This can be found either by solving the two 2 x 2 sub games or from the abscissae of points.
This effect is represented by two straight lines, each of them represents the two levels employed for the abscissae variable, and consider the two levels of the ordinate variable.