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the value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis

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2 - only for manually measured values) Abscissae connecting Images points 41 42 43 [sub.
2) in middle distinctly, arcuately excavated, with sides of excavation acutely produced, with a trapeziform prominence mesally (prominence slightly emarginate in middle), and with subquadrate polished area on surface; median carina on propodeal dorsum somewhat shorter than in female, rugae on dorsum somewhat transverse; length relation between abscissae of radial vein of forewing (Fig.
where P(UT + kT) represents the number of points hitting the region of interest for a section at the point of abscissae UT + kT.
This can be found either by solving the two 2 x 2 sub games or from the abscissae of points.
m define the collocation abscissae, and, unless otherwise stated, we assume these values are fixed for a given problem and mesh.
wavelength ([Lambda]) is replotted on a frequency (f) or wavenumber (v) scale, the original and transformed curves at equal ordinates would have abscissae reciprocally related to [Lambda] - i.