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the value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis

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So it is feasible to improve fuzzy vault framework, we fuse minutia descriptor into encrypt fuzzy vault the abscissa value, and saving it as helper data in the system, and then using transform function to transfer minutiae coordinate value irreversibly which is proposed by Ratha et al.
Similarly, on the log-log coordinate with the same size of pressure derivative type curves, the curve is drawn with the product of actually measured differential pressure derivative [DELTA]p'=[DELTA]([DELTA]p)/[DELTA]t and time t as ordinate against actual dewatering time t as abscissa, and then matched with the interpretation chart.
The abscissa and the ordinate are gas liquid ratio and the predicting error, respectively.
With time as the abscissa and absorbance as the ordinate, the growth curve of the yeast was determined.
Let the probability density function of the intrinsic data sequence be equal to the probability density function of the inspection data sequence, and the abscissa values (T1, T2, T3, T4) of the intersection points ([p.
The graph abscissa is annual average wind speed, the annual energy production using the formula given in IEC (IEC61400-12-1).
If using parameterization Logistic 1 or Gompertz 1 (Table 1), the B value has practical interpretation because it is the abscissa of the inflection point (point at which the growth changes from ascending to descending).
Quanto a forma, os pontos referentes a distribuicao dos sinais vocais foram categorizados em verticais, quando a distancia entre os pontos ao longo da abscissa foi menor do que ao longo da ordenada (X < Y); horizontal, quando a distancia entre os pontos ao longo da abscissa foi maior ao longo da ordenada (X > Y); e circular, quando a distancia entre os pontos ao longo da ordenada e da abscissa foi aproximadamente igual (X [congruent to] Y) 16.
A partir da funcao de curvatura dada por esse modelo, determinou-se o valor da abscissa onde ocorre o ponto de maxima curvatura, dada por: [x.
For example, we assume that for a given slope and a given layer for analysis, a point r in the abscissa of figure 3a can be located.
MC]--valor da abscissa correspondente ao ponto de maxima curvatura em UBs (tamanho otimo da parcela)
We could observe the quality of the curve fitting approximately by plotting the predicted values (individual, group) as abscissa and observed values as vertical coordinates.
AMMI-1 biplot display: The graphical representation (Figure 1) of AMMI analysis reveals the main effect means on the abscissa and IPCA-1 scores of both genotypes as well as environments simultaneously on the ordinate.