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the value of a coordinate on the horizontal axis

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Caption: Figure 1--Relationship between the Coefficient of Variation (%) for the weight of large cornels and plot size in Basic Units, to determine the abscissa value at the maximum curvature point ([X.sub.o]).
Variation: face smooth; opening pocket like structure without a longitudinal opening in the central surface; hind wing with distal abscissa of Cu1 meeting cu-a equidistant between 1A and M; tergites II-IV orange with two black spots in the distal corners; tergite V entirely black.
For all four panels: on the ordinate, response latency, in seconds, from the start of the test until the manifestation of pain- associated behavior; on the abscissa, baseline and second hot-plate measurements (respectively, day 1 and day 4 of the experimental design).
The abscissa value, n, of the maximum rainfall depth increases to a maximum at the 12 or 24 h duration and then decreases.
(5) Compare with the abscissa value 256 left 20 data changes and then compare the abscissa value 256 on the right side of the 20 data changes, one side of the trend for the first change became smaller.
Assuming that two extreme points are found at [x.sub.1] and [x.sub.2], the combined abscissa of extreme points is calculated as follows:
Here, the level of scientific knowledge can be compared on the abscissa axis: "science knows-lie, science does not know, science knows-true", and evaluation on the ordinate axis is an authoritative component of the assessment: "authority does not approve, uncertainty, authority approves").
Figure 7 shows the velocity profile at one outlet, where the vertical axis is the exit speed v (mm/s) and the abscissa is the distance between the solution and the exit distance l (mm).
By identifying the abscissa where this dip occurs, it can also be possible to localize the zone where the soil is wetter.
Caption: FIGURE 8: Profile of the change in speed with obviously uneven rotation (the ordinate axis shows rad/sec and the abscissa axis shows time in seconds).
The corresponding point in the upper panel of Figure 10 is characterized by an abscissa (relative "importance" of to [I.sub.C.sup.cable] with respect to [J.sub.eng]) of about 0.7.
where v(l) represents the instantaneous velocity of the train at (l, 0), [u.sup.T.sub.i] is the end abscissa of the ith logical cell, and [u.sup.s.sub.i+1] is the start abscissa of the (i+1)th logical cell.