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shed flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of a scar tissue

remove or separate by abscission

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An alternative explanation would be that ultimate pinnae were actively abscised by the plant (comment supplied by reviewer Dr.
The low nitrogen values of marcescent leaves in this study were comparable to values from regular abscised senescent leaves (Killingbeck 1996).
Lichens and freshly abscised oak leaves were collected in December 1989, and air-dried to supply initial litterbag material.
For plants from the southern populations, every leaf from the main axis was collected as it began to yellow and abscised easily.
While Mattoo wants it to have a longer, more productive youth, molecular biologist Mark Tucker wants to know why it detached itself, or abscised.
Every 2 to 3 d, the plastic mat around each tree was checked for abscised leaves, which were counted, weighed for fresh weight biomass, and then dried to a constant weight to obtain dry weight biomass.
zuluensis (Beddard, 1907), two syntypes (ZMUN), abscised post-clitellarly, labelled 'Microchaetus zuluensis--Zululand', presently on loan to the NMSA, courtesy of C.
After agarose gel electrophoresis, PCR products were abscised from the gel and purification was performed using AxyPrep Gel DNA Extraction Kit according to the provided protocol (AxyPrep Gel DNA Extraction Kit).
The pedicel is shed with fruit and swollen at junction with stipe where the perianth abscised. Wings are chartaceous.
These meristems are initially formed in an exogenous position but are transferred to an endogenous position by the activity of a localized phellogen [6,5] and are consequently not abscised when widespread bark formation occurs [6,7].
The treatment with peat presented the highest and lowest values of leaf abscission in the experiment: with 30 mM NaCl only 34.65 % of leaves were abscised and with 60 mM of NaCl 77.45 % defoliation was observed.
The N/S ratio in leaves drops from 17.2 to 11.5, indicating that approximately 50% more S relative to N remains in abscised leaves than in healthy ones.
A second might be a greater susceptiblity of N to immobilization in freshly abscised litter.