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shed flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of a scar tissue

remove or separate by abscission

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[x.sub.fin,i]: estimated abscise of the aircraft i when leaving the aerial sector.
After flowering, petals and stamens abscise, hut sepals remain.
Although the smooth mericarps of Salvia lack bristles, hooks or other means of attaching to animals, the calyces of some species readily abscise at fruit maturity and are richly endowed with hooks or sticky trichomes, which can adhere the calyx--and enclosed fruit--to passing animals, including people.
Equalizing now the derivate, given by relation (5), at the right side of the arc of curve [s.sub.i] (x), namely in the point, [P.sub.i+1] of abscise [x.sub.i+1], with the left derivate of the arc of curve [s.sub.i+1] (x), namely in the same point [P.sub.i+1], according with relation (6), the following is obtained
Todel tolesnis portfelio nagrinejimas turi buti perkeltas is ganetinai akivaizdzios portfeliu "portfeliu rizika (abscise)--portfeliu pelningumo galimybiu spektras (ordinate)" plokstumos i "portfeliu rizika (abscise)--portfeliu pelningumo galimybes (ordinate)--portfelio pelningumu patikimumas (aplikate)" erdve.
One factor might be a greater susceptibility of P to leaching as plant leaves begin to abscise. A second might be a greater susceptiblity of N to immobilization in freshly abscised litter.
However, on page 243 Small reminds us that, "Cannabis sativa has minor allelopathic properties (Inam et al., 1989, McPartland 1997, McPartland et al., 2000), and chemicals leached into the soil may inhibit competing plants, as suggested by Haney and Bazzaz (1970)." Furthermore, on page 259 he tells us that, "Technologies have been created to collect and concentrate the THC-rich heads of the glandular trichomes, and this development seems to have resulted in the selection of strains in which the THC-rich heads abscise readily."
Heavily infested leaves, flowers, and fruits often abscise prematurely, although prior infestation does not usually prevent subsequent normal development of terminals or leaves if the infestation is eliminated.
In early Oct., when some plants appeared ready to abscise leaves, we recorded shoot height and harvested the shoots and roots separately, using soil sieves to minimize the loss of fine roots.
The network size n is on the abscise, considering that all network have n elements, placed in a n X n matrix.
All flowers containing an egg did not necessarily abscise because survivorship of eggs and early instar larvae was low (see Survivorship, below).
In no way is the "abscission area' of cannabis stalked trichomes comparable to the abscission zone at the base of the foliage of deciduous trees, or at the base of fruits that abscise at maturity.
Infested buds and fruit often abscise, but larvae and pupae can complete development if fallen buds and fruit do not desiccate.
Therefore, young bolls produce ethylene and abscisic acid in response to the deficit and abscise (Guinn, 1982).
In species that mature one to four ovules, the nutlets separately abscise.