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shed flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of a scar tissue

remove or separate by abscission

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Peaches infested earlier in the season are small and usually abscise and drop to the ground when infested with plum curculio larvae (Quaintance & Jenne 1912; Detjen 1938).
These branches develop from buds that remain dormant for some period, then flower and abscise from the branch; they do not form part of the vegetative architecture of the tree.
After flowering, petals and stamens abscise, hut sepals remain.
The algorithm assessing the average of the histogram projected triggers the caring out of a segmentation of pixels belonging to the product, that for an identification of the analysis describers of colour, while the maximum value MAX, corresponding to the product, together with the value of the abscise vector X are to be extracted from the histogram vector obtained.
Petals in many species such as Lilium abscise when fully turgid, besides in some species; petals may be more persistent so that cell deterioration and nutrient remobilization occurs while the petals are still part of the flower.
Infested buds and fruit often abscise, but larvae and pupae can complete development if fallen buds and fruit do not desiccate.