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symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue

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Salzman C, Tuazon C: Value of the ring-enhancing sign in differentiating intracerebral hematomas and brain abscesses.
1) Untreated prostatic abscesses may burst into the prostatic urethra, peri-rectal tissue, the perineum, or the rectum to form a fistula.
Radiographic findings of mastoiditis range from subtle changes of mastoid air cell opacification to the more profound changes of osseous destruction, subperiosteal abscess formation, coalescent mastoiditis, and, in some cases, venous infarctions as well as parenchymal abscesses (1-3).
Do neutrophils play a role in establishing liver abscesses and distant metastases caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae?
3) Although our patient presented with classic headaches suggesting an intracranial mass lesion, headache was a less common presenting symptom among patients with listerial abscesses than in those with other brain abscesses.
A number of cases of S milleri infections and abscesses of the head and neck region have been previously reported, but there is still a dearth of clinical literature about these pathologies.
Brucellosis in a child complicated brain abscesses.
This group consisted of 64 patients (51%) with vulvar abscesses, 41 patients (33%) with Bartholin gland abscesses, 19 patients (15%) with buttock abscesses, and 2 patients (2%) with combined buttock and vulvar abscesses.
We assume the abscesses and cellulitis we see are caused by MRSA and we treat accordingly.
Only a few reports have described spontaneous spinal cord abscesses.
Six of seven (86%) patients had lumbar abscesses; all abscesses were located posteriorly in the spinal canal, and all masses were [less than or equal to]2 vertebral bodies in length.
Neurologic and renal complications can result from high systemic levels of mercury, and subcutaneous injection usually results in sterile abscesses.
These abscesses are rare and require emergency treatment, said John Kostuik, an orthopedic surgery professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.
1] Most prostate abscesses present during the fifth and sixth decades of life and they are usually secondary to bacterial prostatitis.
Eventually the patient underwent operative drainage of the intracranial abscesses and improved clinically.