abscessed tooth

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an abscess of a common kind in the tissue around a tooth

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The district court held that the inmate's abscessed tooth, recurring gum infections, and loss of two teeth constituted a serious health need that was entitled to Eighth Amendment protection.
He has an abscessed tooth," the dog owner said, as if that qualified the dog for attendance.
This year, when Michael Karetnikov, a Soviet bass player, contracted in abscessed tooth during the flight to Idaho, a local dentist opened his Moscow office on President's Day to perform emergency care.
A young Oregon girl was suffering from an abscessed tooth that needed immediate care.
He tells of a real-life orthopedics case, of a man with a severely abscessed tooth, which could have been a case of cancer or extensive orthopedic surgery.
Will Harris, a fifth-year senior safety, remained hospitalized through Saturday night with complications from oral surgery to repair an abscessed tooth.
The pain and swelling in Darrel's abscessed tooth went away within minutes of applying a special blend of oils.
A former inmate brought a state court action against a city and city officials under [section 1983 and state law to recover for injuries he allegedly Sustained as a result of the city's failure to timely and adequately treat his abscessed tooth while he was incarcerated.
Dental emergencies can take severalforms, ranging from the excruciating pain of an abscessed tooth in the middle of the night to multiple fractures of the jaw resulting from an automobile accident.
Beginning as an abscessed tooth, the untreated infection had progressed to Ludwig's Angina, which without immediate medical care can lead to death by suffocation due to a swelling of the throat.