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Synonyms for abruptness

an abrupt discourteous manner

the property possessed by a slope that is very steep

the quality of happening with headlong haste or without warning

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Ending free movement after Brexit has been government policy for several years, but the abruptness of this cut-off point has sparked panic.
TAURUS You'll be able to get your ideas across better now than you have recently, if you'll avoid abruptness which could upset sensitive souls.
The closure of the airspace is perhaps one aspect of this modus operandi; one cannot even argue with the abruptness with which it was announced.
They hoped that Trump would be deterred from losing patience and turning to twitter to unveil his plan, with the same abruptness as the US troop pullback from Syria last month.
The abruptness of his visit left lawmakers in Baghdad smarting and drawing unfavorable comparisons to the occupation of Iraq after the 2003 invasion.
Smith continued: "I know it's a dramatic ending and I know it's very disappointing because it's really like being pushed off a cliff because you just didn't see that coming, and the abruptness of it all is so shocking and jarring.
The report described the promotion of sexual content by various series as "a never previously screened amount of effrontery, abruptness, and insulting content,"
The study, 'Punctuation in text messages may convey abruptness. Period,' is published in Computers in Human Behavior.
Junot Diaz once wrote that short stories "strike like life and end with its merciless abruptness as well."Three new collections offer moments of insight and escape, only to zip away, as ephemeral as life itself.
Nothing in the realm of art could be more depressing than the abruptness with which, following the outpouring of the extraordinarily original black pictures, Pollock seems to have come to the end of his inspiration, and probably to the end of his self-belief.
The flexible MTJ devices yield significantly enhanced tunneling magnetoresistance of [approximately equal to]300% and improved abruptness of switching, as residual strain in the MTJ structure is released during the transfer process.
Tony Hatch, principal of New York-based ABH Consulting, said that the abruptness of CP's decision to not move forward was reminiscent of its 2014 decision to back off of its proposed merger with CSX.
"Every single one of our hardworking staff are unfailingly pleasant to all our customers and this is quite a diatribe over something you have interpreted as abruptness.
Every single one of our hardworking staff are unfailingly pleasant to customers and this is quite a diatribe over something you interpreted as abruptness. Falsely perceived rudeness is often a sign of a persecution complex, which can be cured by staying away from social media."