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Synonyms for abrogate

Synonyms for abrogate

to put an end to, especially formally and with authority

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revoke formally

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English literature mustn't abrogative a gain from the syllabus, because the main reason for deterioration of English standard in secondary school is abrogative the abrogative of literature.
According to such an abrogative reading, Welch's novel formally evokes a colonial captivity narrative in reverse.
The 1948 Constitution guaranteed the right to abrogative referenda for the repeal of laws, but the required enabling legislation was approved only in 1974, the same year that it was first used to decide the fate of divorce legislation.
Elsewhere, Leitch describes how he and Nortje bantered about being possessed by the satgaan-duiwel (the demonic, or the death drive), and throughout Nortje's journal there is a complex lexicon of references to negative Coloured identity transfigured into an abrogative force: he has an "incurable malaise," is "living with the burning devil," walking "through a Job's rain of curses," and hears "a peripatetic devil in the cooling of a floorboard.