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Synonyms for abrogate

Synonyms for abrogate

to put an end to, especially formally and with authority

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revoke formally

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6) Currently, the only constitutional authority recognized by the Supreme Court for Congress's enactment of abrogating legislation is section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment.
Codes for the various Soviet republics contained almost identical adoption laws, save for some variations on age limits between adopter and adoptee, the types of procedures for abrogating an adoption, and whether legal connections existed between adopted children and their adoptive siblings and grandparents.
Chapter 2 focuses on Phillis Wheatley's poetry and Olaudah Equiano's narrative(s), intending to show that for both "the ultimate goal is to redeem Africa and the slaves of African origin from the dark corner in which Western imaginations have located them" through abrogating myths and appropriating the master's language.
The Philippines on Tuesday defended a decision by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) to recognize Manila's 1996 air pact with Taipei after earlier abrogating it.
For that matter, with the liberation of Kuwait, the goal for which military action was authorized in the first place, now completed, even a decision of the Security Council abrogating the cease-fire arrangement would have to be followed up by a new action under Article 42 for military action to be legitimate.
This new law affects Bellaire retroactively by abrogating former and existing National Bituminous Coal Wage agreements between the Bituminous Coal Operators Association and the United Mine Workers of America.
Although in the past many considered this action a form of abrogating responsibility for corporate governance, new research by two faculty members at the Stanford Graduate School of Business argues that rather than sidestepping a difficult issue, the threat of a major shareholder selling -- with its potential to cause a fall in the stock's price -- can significantly impact the behavior of top management of the firm in question.
ISLAMABAD -- Hearing of ever first treason case against any dictator in the country's history over abrogating constitution and toppling democratic government would expectedly start today (Monday).
While addressing the National Assembly (NA), Sharif said the former military ruler had committed treason by abrogating the Constitution and he should be tried under the law.
On 7 June, 2012, the Legal Journalists' Protection center called for abrogating the Journalists' Rights Law, because it contradicted international accords signed by Iraq, especially Article 19 of the International Declaration of Human Rights and the International Civil and Political Rights Convention.
Specifically, the invention provides compositions and methods to sensitize cells to DNA-damaging agents by abrogating the cell cycle G2 checkpoint.
Our research illustrates that any institution can implement sustainable and responsible investing without abrogating its fiduciary responsibilities," said Jay Falk, President of SRI World Group.