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Synonyms for abrogate

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Synonyms for abrogate

to put an end to, especially formally and with authority

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revoke formally

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As India has no mandate for abrogating the status of Jammu and Kashmir, therefore, it is unacceptable.
Our embassies worldwide should demarche their host governments with talking points (tailored as may be necessary) and data to explain and justify abrogating JCPOA.
Musharraf will be the first military ruler to stand trial for high treason, and in case of conviction, he could be awarded life imprisonment or even death penalty private complaint under Article 6 of the constitution and other relevant laws against the former President for subverting, abrogating, suspending, and holding in abeyance the constitution.
The former military ruler was due to appear before the court to face treason charges under Article 6 for suspending, subverting and abrogating the constitution, imposing an emergency in the country in November 2007 and detaining judges of the superior courts.
At the end of the conference held in Basra, the conferees rejected abrogating Questioning and Justice and terrorism laws, because they are "within the limits of the constitution".
City of Hope (Duarte, CA) has patented a genetically engineered, CD19-specific chimeric T cell receptor and to immune cells expressing the chimeric receptor The present invention also relates to the use of such cells for cellular immunotherapy of CD9.sup.+ malignancies and for abrogating any untoward B cell function.
Sadiq ul-Farooq, spokesman for PML (N), told a press conference in Islamabad his party wanted the impeachment of Musharraf under Article 6 for twice abrogating the Constitution.
(2) The TRCA sought to place state and individual trademark holders on equal footing by abrogating state sovereign immunity, thereby subjecting states to suit in federal court for violations of federal trademark law, which is codified in the Lanham Act.
Northwest Airlines, in a response to Boda posted on the PFAA website, President Gary Meek said the letter constituted "the latest of many incredible attacks on our flight attendants" and was a "blatant scare tactic." He said a "full-scale legal campaign would occur if Northwest took improper actions on abrogating our Collective Bargaining Agreement, if the TA were to be rejected...Be confident that PFAA will not stand by and allow you to break the law by way of a unilateral abrogation." May 18, 2006
* abrogating the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the United States;
The Court held that Congress acted within its power under Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment in abrogating states' Eleventh Amendment immunity to suits alleging violations of Title 29.
Finally Goltzius signed each engraving, abrogating all charges of fraud and stamping the series, justifiably, as his own.
Despite the ban on out-of-country combat, over the past four decades, Japan has upgraded its forces, professionalizing the SDF without abrogating its constitution.
(21.) Codes for the various Soviet republics contained almost identical adoption laws, save for some variations on age limits between adopter and adoptee, the types of procedures for abrogating an adoption, and whether legal connections existed between adopted children and their adoptive siblings and grandparents.
Chapter 2 focuses on Phillis Wheatley's poetry and Olaudah Equiano's narrative(s), intending to show that for both "the ultimate goal is to redeem Africa and the slaves of African origin from the dark corner in which Western imaginations have located them" through abrogating myths and appropriating the master's language.