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Synonyms for abrogate

Synonyms for abrogate

to put an end to, especially formally and with authority

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revoke formally

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If it is abrogated with the exception and modification of its Clause (1) (c) so as to directly apply Article 1 of the Constitution of India to Kashmir, Kashmir will get merged with India because in that case all the other Articles of Indian Constitution will apply to Kashmir automatically which were otherwise applied indirectly in 1954 through a Presidential Constitution Order under Article 370.
The minister said, 'we do not want to do injustice with anybody but everybody was equal irrespective of whether he was president and prime minister or if he was the one who abrogated the Constitution of Pakistan.
Musharraf by issuing Oath of Office (Judges) Order 2007 grossly abrogated and subverted the letter and spirit of Part I, Part II and Part VII of constitution.
Gemayel, who contended that it is high time for joining the club of civilized communities who abrogated that punishment pledged further moves to that effect to be announced in due time
Along with Article 237 as finally approved, the framers of the Constitution also legislated Article 6 of the Constitution, which provided that any person who abrogated or attempted or conspired to abrogate, subverted or attempted or conspired to subvert the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason," it added.
Muhammad Al-Mushawweh, a Saudi legal consultant, said that if the chairman was seeking to back up his argument using an old or abrogated regulation then he should have clearly stated it was abrogated.
Any provision in an international agreement, including the Algiers Accords that purports to bar such suit is abrogated.
I would think if his employers unilaterally abrogated this agreement then I am sure Sir Digby would object most strongly and even resort to the legal defence of his rights.
But, in art and architecture, this secularisation has inverted an enriching process in which the secular has been abrogated by the sacred.
The Court found that in this case, Congress clearly abrogated states' immunity under the FMLA.
These Directives will therefore be abrogated on July 1, 2004 when the business market segment is liberalised.
At present, police have abrogated their responsibilities by allowing vehicles to drive and park on pavements with impunity.
The appeals court held that Title II of ADA abrogated the State's sovereign immunity under the Eleventh Amendment.
Courts in Tashkent repeatedly considered this case, until in March 1946 the Tashkent regional Collegium for Civil Cases abrogated the adoption and ruled on the plaintiff's behalf.